Gyrocycle Uixon One – one of the most unusual vehicles, which came as if from a science fiction movie. Clean ecological transport is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world and is becoming more prestigious. And the future belongs to them.

Many scientists believe that very soon the modern city will differ from the cities of the future, as an old coach of a space rocket.


Just some centuries ago and the cars seemed a gimmick, and Bender got not a machine, and “under the horse cab number 8974”. But even twenty years ago, no one could have imagined how much will be loaded urban roads and tracks. Today all the major cities on the globe stand in kilometer traffic jams of cars congregate specifically reported on the radio, but it makes little difference.

According to analysts of the Union automakers in Germany, even after twenty years there will be a road collapse, because our planet will live about eight billion people, and of these, more than fifty percent will live in cities. If nothing is done, then the world will be stuck in a huge, huge traffic jam just yet, because the number of cars on the roads to reach 1.2 billion.

At present, when environmentalists around the world are sounding the alarm, trying to draw public attention to the problems of total pollution, because of which the climate changes of the planet, electric motor looks like the most reasonable and logical solution.

The breakthrough of the 21st century 

Many well-known manufacturers are trying to solve the problems of pollution and congestion of highways, experimenting and developing new models of unconventional engines.


Electric transport is trendy and modern, it helps revive nature and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Already running on the roads of electric vehicles, electric bicycles and elektromototsikly, and yet, twenty-first century was waiting for a completely new discovery – a leaner, more humanized and more mobile.

Imagine that you would like hovering over the sidewalk, but feel more comfortable than a pedestrian, all you perceived easier and more convenient, more maneuverable and more harmonious. That feeling is the journey to girotsikle.


Showing the first such device was held at the beginning of the century, 3 December 2001. And although the first model was a long way from the current presentation was a breakthrough.

This is a fantastic vehicle had no gearbox, steering and brakes, the wheels were placed between two computer, touch systems and gyroscopes. This transport was an immediate response to the slightest movement, as if part girotsikla reacted to the deviation of the body of the driver, as a living being.

Reasonable brain

The first step to creating girotsikla was made so long ago that many would be surprised.

Gyroscope, which is part of the miracle by which the motion becomes a pleasure, was presented to the public in the report of the French Academy of Sciences Jean Foucault in 1852, and invented by the German astronomer and mathematician John Bohnenberger in the early twentieth century.

Like any unusual invention girotsikl may seem a fun toy that can bring a smile. In fact, such a reaction is caused by misunderstanding.


The most stunning in girotsikle – almost human ability independently to maintain balance. That is the main property – the basis of his actions. To understand how the device works, it is better to resort to its prototype – the human body.

If standing, you suddenly leans heavily, hardly fall, because the brain reacts instantly. You do not lose your balance, fluid in the inner ear change the position, the brain will give an order to put forward a foot and stop your fall. You will do step by step, naturally and safely.

Girotsikl works similarly, but the wheels are replaced his legs, motor – muscles, the brain plays a role of a set of microprocessors, but the set of sensors, tilt and gyro sensors play the very role of the inner ear.


“Reasonable brain” girotsikla reacts to move forward, keeping your body in balance, it instantly turns the wheels with their need for your movement speed.

The first of its kind was girotsiklom Segway, it is presented and inventor Dean Kamen in 2001. Long enough at Segway was not equal competitors, until a Uixon One, which became a new stage of evolution of these vehicles.

Today in US cities girotsikl used not only to entertain wealthy vacationers, but also people of various practical professions, such as firefighters. Well, of course, golfers. Over procurement girotsiklov for citizens seriously ponders and the Ministry of Transport of Germany.

Rush hours, traffic, exhaust fumes, crush buses – about all this sometimes you want to forget about how terrible dream. Therefore, the concept girotsikla deserves special attention.


A convenient method of transportation, by the way, advertise and Jackie Chan, hoping that soon a lot of countries ENTERED girotsikl in the list of required vehicles. 

Incredible Uixon

Uixon One – exactly the kind of electric, which has the highest mobility on busy city streets.

He can move freely in the historic center and in the parks, where there is no place of usual vehicles. It is a peaceful movement like a fairy tale, after all the innovation that Yuik naturally becomes an extension of your body, moving with a comfortable speed. You save energy and the environment.


Incidentally, girotsikl fits easily in the trunk of the car, and its handle folded. Sometimes, Uixon One – is not an option but a necessary addition to your favorite car.

Buy Uixon One – means to secure a rapid and free movement through the city streets, green areas in the city parks and recreation, as well as in the interiors of buildings, shopping centers and exhibition halls. And thus do not need to pass on the right, intuitive device is very simple to learn, you can move on Yuiksone a couple of minutes. In general, Uixon One – it’s just finding that warrants attention until unaccustomed to ingenious inventions of others.

Uixon, sports or fitness does not come into conflict. If a person does not separate from the TV, eating hamburgers and lazy to walk from the kitchen to the bathroom, then he Uixon One contraindicated. But people with active lifestyles who can spend the time and he knows the price that has everything in life develops harmoniously, appreciate girotsikl Uixon One appreciated.


Modern Uixon One supports devices equipped with the latest operating system Android. It’s nice that the software is available and in Russian.

With a special application, you can view the speed Uixon, total mileage, temperature, angle of inclination, the serial number, as well as remotely control Uixon One! Surprisingly, the weight of this compact vehicle – only 18 kg. Cruising range Uixon – up to 30 km, the maximum load – 120 kg.


For those who want to add even more functionality Uixon One, offers a variety of optional accessories. This is a comfortable seat, and a bag with mounting on the steering wheel, and various LED flashlight. Do not forget that you can charge Yuik from the usual outlets with 220V!

The special features Uixon One include:

  • efficiency;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • minimalistic design;
  • high maneuverability;
  • light weight;
  • compactness;
  • ease of use.

Price Uixon One

88 500 RUB

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