Boeing Business Jets – a symbol of wealth, which is drunk, as you know, stronger than wine.

Wherever there was a man, and no matter how much he was not years – twenty or fifty – imagination ever necessarily draw a posh private jet, carrying it to the enchanting island, which is waiting for the snow-white yacht. Porthole and clouds behind him.

Romantic love is a “conqueror of the heavens” is justified. Morning in Prague, noon in London, dinner in Paris and dawn in New York. Man has always dreamed of flying and rapid movement from one point to another of the Earth – the sky was calling and beckoning him. Watching birds, long time he unsuccessfully sought in himself the forces that finally raise it up.


Miracle happened in the early 20th century.

A business aviation has become the personification of, perhaps, the two most powerful aspirations – to wealth and sky.

Private or corporate winged aircraft became in demand since their introduction. In the beginning, they were constructed on the basis of transport aircraft, or ordinary passenger liners – it just refitted salon.

But in the mid-20th century administrative aircraft turned into a separate class. For example, in 1958 there was a twin-engine airliner Gulfstream. Its main purpose was the transportation of representatives of large companies.

However, it should clarify that business aviation differ from the start only after the appearance of civil jet models. Indeed, for private fly speed is important, with a small number of passengers, while for conventional aircraft seating capacity is one of the main characteristics.

Crown need not correct

Due to the rapid development of the international business, the heads of major corporations and state leaders need to make frequent business trips to various other countries.


Therefore, a high level of comfort and the ability to be productive on board the aircraft is important.

In the XXI century, globalization has made administrative Private jets even more popular. They enable the “powers that be” do not just move in space on the desired route, but do it in a comfortable office or the office, not for one second while dropping out of the work environment. And on the way to achieving his goal allow “relax” and “Update”, that is to regain strength.


In 1996, two large companies, “Boeing” and General Electric created a joint new venture, which was called the Boeing Business Jets. It was engaged in the production of aircraft BBJ.

The main advantage of these amazing liners in that area of the cabin size is much greater than the other salons private jets, but the prices are quite comparable. Given that the internal space BBJ almost three times more conventional private jets, and it overcomes some 6 000 nautical miles, it can be said that the Boeing Business Jet chic meets all connoisseurs of luxury.


In addition, this private jet has more than 500 cubic feet of luggage space. Boeing Business Jet mainly bought for Outbound Flight – for example over the oceans. Incredibly convenient and comfortable air assets BBJ make long nonstop flights, for example, on the route Paris – Los Angeles. 

A series of private planes BBJ

Planes dreams

Series BBJ – option airliner, intended for use as a business jet. Gorgeous model Boeing Business Jet can accommodate from 25 up to fifty passengers, flight which will take place in a particularly comfortable environment.


These private jets are highly versatile. The owner can fully accommodate your favorite liner for all needs: personal, corporate and government, and to establish a salon equipment that will meet all of its requirements and meet all needs.

Boeing Business Jet was built specifically for business aviation, it is one of the first aircraft known company Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


The first Boeing Business Jets worth $ 58 million. It boasts a spacious interior length of 24.4 m. Without refueling ship overcomes distance of 10 360 km.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]PRICE BBJ 1[/iconbox]

$ 58 million


Modification BBJ 2 was designed based on Boeing 737-800. Living room area of this model is 25 percent more than the BBJ, a cargo compartment doubled. The model was created in 1999, and its production was started in the autumn of 2000. The first ship was sold in 2002.


 Salon BBJ2 longer than that of the first model at 6.1 m, but the flight range of the vessel is less than 740 km on the whole.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Price BBJ 2[/iconbox]

$ 70 million


Four years after the appearance of BBJ2, based on the Boeing 737-900ER aircraft started designing business aviation BBJ 3. This liner was even larger, its area exceeds the area of ​​the cabin interior of the first model by 35 percent, and the cargo compartment has increased by 89 percent. The model went on sale in 2009.


Interestingly, the model BBJ3, having the longest interior, still flies on shorter distances, namely, can overcome the “only” 8140 km. And, nevertheless, Boeing Business Jets 3 worth 9 million more than the second model. In just one month issued new liner.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]PRICE BBJ 3[/iconbox] 

$ 79 million

Today the world is operated 89 ships BBJ, about a third of them flies in North America. The remaining aircrafts belong to Europeans, Africans, people of the Middle East and Latin America.

The humble shop” for extraordinary people

Today, any wealthy person has a unique opportunity to acquire any business jet from companies Boeing Business Jet and General Electric Company in a private boutique Jet Business.


This “modest” shop located in London and offers a large selection of air tools premium can be reached only after a special recording. Meet there ordinary man unrealistic – only accept future buyers. There are millionaires, members of royal families, the director of the giant corporations and government officials of the highest rank.

Interior boutique ahead of time. With the help of special equipment customers are able to choose among different types of aircraft, the ones that are interesting to them. Indoors, there are models of airplane cabin, as well as models cockpits in full size, so each customer can try the wheel.

If the likely buyer of the business of the liner is too busy to visit London to choose a private jet, then the company Jet Business take on presentation of their products anywhere in the world.

Winged residence

For those who are not satisfied with the “normal” private air assets and believes that good does not happen much, buying Boeing Business Jet will be the perfect solution.

Did the Apostle Paul would have tried to do the redevelopment of paradise, look it in the cabin of one of these liners.


Airplane may be a luxurious living room, bathroom or shower room, three bathrooms, a bedroom, a conference room (dining room). Mega-celebrities, super rich sultans and powerful magnates, all those who care about the quality, comfort and splendor will be satisfied. BBJ, used as a royal residence, is as unique as the needs of the most senior buyer.

By the way, the New York millionaire Donald Trump uses it Boeing Business Jets. In Russia, for a variety of information in personal use – either four or five of these aircraft. It is known that one of them belongs to Roman Abramovich.

Besides comfort, the manufacturer guarantees that the owner will be able to fully relax, and even at the 12-hour non-stop flight. Such amenities as spacious suite with a double bed, allowing you to enjoy a dream.


The dining room is ideal for conferences or a nice lunch. Personal Account – the perfect place for serious work or quiet contemplation. In the liner – like in the house. Here you can hold meetings, sleep, lunch or dinner … you will surely arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for business or pleasure.


Aside become legendary family BBJ, “Boeing” produces models: Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Boeing 767 and Boeing 747-8, equipped luxurious VIP-cabins. 

Private jets Boeing 747-8 VIP

Airplane Boeing 747-8 VIP has gigantic proportions, and its interior is designed in two levels.


The flight range of this “bird” is more than 17 130 km and a cruising speed – 0.86 M. The model is similar to the flying castle, the area of ​​its interior with a variety of rooms – 530 sq. m.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Price Boeing 747-8 VIP[/iconbox] 

$ 150 million

Private jets Boeing 787 Dremliner

Flying castle

Expanding the range of the model range, the company has developed a model suites for VIPs based on the Boeing 787. Its called romantic and gentle – Dreamliner.


“Airplane Dream” is the translation of the model, now has two modifications. One of them is calculated for 75 and 100. The range of the second flight of the first model 787-8 VIP – 17,740 km, while the second modification may distances up to 18 400 km. Living room area of the second model over 32.5 meters and is 255.5 sq.m.

Corporation “Boeing” immediately received an order for five hundred of these aircraft, and this is despite the fact that the cost of the air flying castle comes to $ 200 million!

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Price Boeing 787 Dremliner[/iconbox]

$ 200 million

Anyone who has ever had a chance to fly any private aircraft “Boeing”, convinced that it will never be compared to ordinary commercial flight, even first class. After such a journey – it’s absolute control over time, space and business. 

Nevertheless, it is recognized that the time when the administrative liners synonymous with transcendent and incomprehensible to many luxuries in the past. Nowadays, business aviation is a must for all those who want privacy, who appreciate every second, trying to dispose of it most effectively for those who know the value of luxury and know how to enjoy it.

Boeing Business Jets – choice of successful people!

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