Hotel De Paris (Hotel de Paris) – French luxury. Hotel De Paris is located just a few steps away from the legendary Casino de Monte Carlo, in the enchanting site of the city, the “golden square” renowned Casino Square. Today it remains a symbol of luxury of the Old World, this hotel – one of the few inherit the spirit of the great hotels of the past.


1825 in the history of mankind has left a significant mark.

Opened in Moscow Bolshoi Theatre in England launched the first public railway, and in Paris on 6 November of the same year was born Jean Louis Charles Garnier, who later was to become an architect, won the competition to design the Grand Opera (Grand Opéra) in Paris.

After the royal recognition of this type of art Opera Garnier became the thirteenth in a row in Paris. Competition to design the building was declared by Napoleon III, and the first place in the second round brought the then nobody knows of thirty-Charles Garnier fame and popularity.


Therefore it is not surprising that in 1864, in Europe on the coast of the Ligurian Sea, close to the French Côte d’Azur, twenty kilometers from Nice, in the heart of Monte-Carlo, on the famous Casino on the draft of this already famous architect was elevated Hotel de Paris (Hotel De Paris).

«Avenue de Monte-Carlo, Monaco, MC 98000 Monaco» – this is the real address of one of the greatest French hotels worldwide.

Oasis of quiet life

Indeed, there is no place better.

“A Monte Carlo love and roses, and in Monte Carlo all the high society, I’m in Monte Carlo fly to Rolls-Royce, and the best place in the world there is no” – sang 20 years ago Russian emigre with Brighton – Beach Lubov  Uspenskaya.

Life in the capital of Monaco is serene and unhurried in the morning and afternoon and evening and night Determined noisy passions, because halls legendary gambling house warmly greeted all eager to try luck. But this life is always delicious!

Living in the Hotel de Paris – means to sit in the royal box, watching the sparkling life of Monaco and spectacular sunsets over the sea.

The hotel will welcome you with luxurious lounges for meetings at the highest level and offer a little less than two hundred luxury apartments as well as spacious rooms with suites categories original design.


Temple gourmet

Hotel de Paris – a real gourmet temple thanks to the famed restaurant “Louis XV» (Louis XV) and delicious food chef Alain Ducasse (Alain Ducasse). However, the places where you will be offered a wide range of unique dishes, a lot.

Restaurant Mediterranean gastronomic cuisine “Grill» (Le Grill) is conveniently located on the top 8th floor of the Hotel de Paris, his chef Franck Cerutti ensures that it is there, you can feel “over the moon” with happiness and even climb to eighth.


In addition, visitors will be the restaurant “Imperial Hall» (Salle Empire) with terrace, included in the list of monuments of architecture and is the hallmark of European life, cafe ‘next to the garden »(Côté Jardin) and” American Bar »(Bar Américain), smelling aroma of cigars, with leather chairs, furniture of precious wood and diffused lighting.


Wine cellars hotels are among the best in the world. In the cool stillness saved up hundreds of thousands of precious bottles of alcoholic beverages. They are the eyes only on the tables of restaurants to conquer the souls of its wonderful qualities. More than a kilometer vessels packed with wine in special boxes for bottles, according to the branded category.

Leaders wineries, sommeliers and chefs working together to wine list and their compatibility with the dishes. For those who yearn for an unforgettable experience, cellar de Paris – a magical place that can become perfect for the celebration.

In the hotel you have free access to the fitness center for offshore term Monte Carlo Casino, Beach Club, 50% discount at the Golf Club and the Monte Carlo Country Club Monte Carlo.


At your disposal are also luxury boutique, hairdresser, 11 conference rooms, travel agency and car park.

Even if you are accustomed to luxury, you will still be amazed at the magnificence of who you will meet the Hotel de Paris. Just four steps from the Casino Square and you are already in the Great Hall of the hotel. Reliefs, marble columns, magnificent statues and crystal chandeliers make breathless in admiration of the solemnity of this magical, memorable and luxurious interior.

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

Wellness center, based on the use of marine therapy occupies 6600 m ² area on 4 different floors. They offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.


The complex combines modern thalassotherapy with unique natural conditions that ideally promotes complete relaxation and peace. Here you will find the atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

“Society of sea bathing” established in 1863, it was then that Monaco was among the world famous resorts, where come the stars from around the world to enjoy the “divine fountain of youth.”

The best rooms at the Hotel De Paris, Monaco

Suite “Winston Churchill” – presidential style


British politician and statesman, a symbol of the 20th century, lived in precisely these apartments.

Today, they can shoot anyone who can find a little more than 12 000 EUR per night. The room is on the 8th floor of the latter and the Hotel de Paris is served by a private lift.


Presidential Suite “Winston Churchill” covers an area of 250 m ² and consists of a large living room, second living room, working space, dining room, two bedrooms, two large bathrooms (one with Jacuzzi set in the center of the room) and a large terrace of 70 m ² with view the sea, the port of Monaco and the Prince’s Palace.


Upon arrival you will find a bottle of vintage champagne and a bowl of strawberries, a tray of chocolates “Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo”, a basket of fresh fruit, two bottles of water, flowers and daily newspapers.

On entering the lobby you will encounter a huge signature of Winston Churchill.

The room was completely renovated in 2002.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Price for 1 night in suite Winston Churchill [/iconbox]

from € 11 150 

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Suite Charles Garnier

Located on the second floor of the hotel and consists of 2 bedrooms, two dressing rooms, a large living room with dining area and 2 bathrooms with amazing marble mosaic. Size suites – 170 m ², including a terrace of 40 m ² 


The decor is filled with expensive items: elegant replicas of antique furniture, fine wood paneling and fine stucco details. Harmony breathes all. Closer to perfection this room and its fabulous terrace with unique views. 


Here you can enjoy exceptional events principality, for example, observe the “Formula 1” from the first row “lodges” of this truly unique place.

View of the Place du Casino dominates, and, living in this room, you will definitely see a celebration of life in store for an evening of Monte Carlo.

Offers a concierge service and a cook, as well as direct access to the sea terms.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Price for 1 night in suite Charles Garnier[/iconbox]

from € 7050

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Double suite with two bedrooms

They are located on the 1st to the 7th floor. Area of suites ranging from 100 to 150 m ², they consist of a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms. And views of the city, the sea and the casino.



As soon as you cross the threshold of one of these rooms, you will meet the beautiful circular room, its double doors deserve the most luxurious residences in Europe. And you feel that you have got a unique atmosphere for travelers with high privileged status.

Surrounded by luxurious furniture to high ceilings with moldings, enjoying a bouquet of fresh flowers, standing in a conspicuous place in the surrounding silence you hear the bell ringing quiet happiness.

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from € 5000

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Junior Suite Casino

This magnificent room is like a time machine takes you back almost two centuries.


You will feel a gentleman of high society of the nineteenth century, and from the balcony you’ll get a view of the legendary Café de Paris, the gardens Bulangran, and, of course, the Casino of Monte Carlo. 

Stay at Hotel De Paris – then join the prestigious company of admirers of luxury: Giuseppe Verdi, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne, Jacques Offenbach, Sergei Diaghilev and Serge Lifar. And they knew a good judge!

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from € 800

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