Hotel One & Only Reethi Rah (Reti Pa) – daydream in the Garden of Eden. Annoying advertising, keeps talking about the “heavenly pleasure”, suddenly ceases to seem fiction marketers. It turns out that he is, this paradise, because then, already visiting this earthly tale can be, stuck in traffic snowy city, wrap yourself in a flashback, like a warm blanket, warming only one thought that there is a place on earth where not to talk about the weather.

Because there are no less than 20 and greater than 30 degrees, silver and pearl reflections pass through the palm leaves bright rays of the sun, innocent smile as oriental beauty, and blue salt water, like a delicate silk shimmers precious modulations reflecting the sky.


44 hectares of magic

One age-old legend says that billions of years ago from the sky into the ocean thousands of fallen stars. They were not drowned, and floated to the surface and formed an archipelago paradise. And people called him “the Maldives”.

Here you will not find bustling big cities, there are no smoky factories, museums, galleries and other familiar places. These tiny, lost in the infinite ocean islands look absolutely pristine and has not changed since the creation of the world.

But look!


Hotel One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives – one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world. 130 the world’s largest villas discreetly placed along the azure turquoise coast. Ninety-eight of them in a secluded lush tropical greenery, and thirty-two are located right on the water – on the surface of transparent and protected from winds lagoons. 

Abode favorites, Eden called One & Only Reethi Rah 

Hotel One & Only Reethi Rah is designed with modern elegance.


The uniqueness of each room gives a mix of traditional Asian motifs and contemporary comfort. Skillful use of natural materials in the creation of unique bungalow is stunning. Coconut shells, sea grass, silk, rattan, teak, mahogany, mosaic and straw – all this creates some unearthly and simultaneously comfortable dwelling that has no equal.


Not less worthy of admiration and size of their own beaches, terraces and private swimming pools, which are given to guests in individual holdings. All villas are equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV and surround sound, have a DVD / CD-player, private bar, luxury bathrooms with large bathrooms and a dressing room.


Amenities include, of course, and rich linens, Egyptian cotton and towels, and a 24-hour clock possibility eat.

Sense of magic occurs immediately after landing. Already at the airport you will be met luxury yacht length of 17 m, where a 75-minute journey you will begin to feel the Eastern sheik or heir of the empire. It will track your every gesture, and if you are inclined head, tired, you lay a blanket and pillow will be served, light snacks and refreshments ….


But you already huge by the standards of the Maldives, an island.

Each bungalow – private and although the villa is not enclosed by anything except the hedge, it seems that people do not. Each dwelling is attached butler who is ready to perform almost any your whim. At the first meeting, he shall wash your feet in a bowl of fresh flowers and make a welcome massage. Such is the tradition.

When you arrive at the hotel, you will immediately be offered fragrant wet hand towels and a delicious soft drink.


Maldivians, which are connected to the external features of three races, extremely friendly and infinitely kind. Hospitality – one of their main customs. Tradition carefully passed from generation to generation – from father to son. Maldivians desire to please never depend on tips and innate, some slow, hard work inspires respect.

Easy, joyful and harmonious existence in the bosom of nature – so looks earthshaking Maldivian lifestyle. In neighboring countries, the island famous for delicious scallops, their hitherto sometimes used instead of money.

Moments that are worth living

Silhouettes of villas scattered among the palm trees, hammocks, hanging above the turquoise lagoon – this picture and asks for a postcard.


But this paradise is quite modern comfort – for example, to move around the island you can take a buggy – a small electric car, or a Segway.

You can sunbathe or enjoy the dust of stars falling from heaven to the waves, sip a cocktail on the huge front porch with a giant hammock bliss under the warm breeze, kissing every part of your body and remember the sound of silence, broken only by the lapping of the water. You can spend the evening enjoying the solitude, and can go to restaurants with their relaxed atmosphere, twinkling chandeliers in the trees and a DJ.


The on-site restaurant housed Reethi, serves Asian and Mediterranean cuisine; Fanditha, decorated in Arabic style; and Tapaske, specializing in Japanese delicacies. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown in their own garden, and for special orders marbled beef and toro are delivered directly from Japan.


Special mention deserve the wine cellar, which houses over 9000 bottles of wine 450 brands from around the world. 

Business and Pleasure

However, in the One & Only Reethi Rah there is something to do, and fans of active lifestyle – the hotel has a tennis academy Peter Burwash, having two floodlit courts, a water sports center, fitness studio with modern equipment, a certified diving center and even a special pavilion for practicing meditation and yoga.


Spa resort complex was created in conjunction with ESPA, it includes 8 deluxe rooms and 2 private rooms surface spa suite, outdoor pools containing hot water, pedicure and manicure studio world famous Bastien Gonzalez, steam rooms and saunas stone.

Greeting the sun in the early morning or at sunset yoga classes will delight the body and help to open the chakras.


Local residents will acquaint you with all the local crafts and art, you can visit the marine reserve to admire the huge sea turtles, stingrays and even sharks.

The hotel offers exclusive programs on their wedding day and honeymoon.

Not forgotten and children.

Hotel One & Only Reethi Rah is a party to the association “The Leading Hotels of the World.” 

Hotel One & Only Reethi Rah is a partnership with the company “Annabel Karmel”, specializing in the UK on feeding infants and young children, so the exclusive menu offers tasty and nutritious meals for younger guests.

And in general, children in this hotel as the service anywhere else – for kids created a mini-club, a children’s pool, the staff will offer you a full range of services to care for children and entertain tricksy animation. The plot is a kids club with corals removed from the coast, 200 m.


All for you 

To create a project the island had to artificially expand and fill the shallows for new beaches.

The result exceeded all expectations and made ​​the One & Only Reethi Rah one of the most beautiful, comfortable and luxurious hotels in the world, where everything is subordinated to a single goal – to give you pleasure.

Check it!

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Price for 1 night at Hotel ONE & ONLY REETHI RAH from $ 1000[/iconbox]



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