Hotel The Datai Langkawi (Langkawi Date) is in an amazing location, perfect for a luxury holiday, far from civilization on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia, washed by the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. Langkawi archipelago as if created for unity between man and the wild but friendly nature that he was deprived of the modern world.

The Datai Langkawi hotel offers a unique opportunity to plunge into the motley exotic culture of the Malaysian people, fairy tales and legends, as well as the story, which contributed to numerous indigenous peoples, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Arabs and British.

Here you can see a monitor lizard or try to feed from your hand monkeys freely roam around. This secluded area nestled evergreen dense mangrove forests.


Hotel The Datai Langkaw literally surrounded by greenery, is located in the heart of the centuries-old forests. Rarely where else on earth you can find such incredible violence of the plant world and have even more to be able to stay in such close proximity. Exotic, purity and incredible beauty fills this amazing place not to visit which will be a big omission for those who prefer a luxurious and secluded holiday.

In The Datai Langkaw has everything you need for a great vacation.


At The Datai Langkawi hotel has a lovely spa with four pavilions and a full range of exquisite relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, including massage unique Datai, Balinese massage with warm stones and soothing session titled “Harmony of the rain forest.” These and many other spa treatments will help to revive the senses and rejuvenate.

The Datai Langkawi hotel has its white beach, where you can not only relax, sitting in a lounge chair, but also water sports using the proposed equipment.


For those who prefer to spend time at the pool is provided with two outdoor swimming pools.


And for lovers of active holidays and exclusive unusually beautiful 18-hole golf course, 2 tennis courts and a fitness and wellness center.


Our hotel features 4 restaurants, each of which offers a menu for even the most demanding gourmet. From authentic Thai cuisine under the canopy «The Pavilion» (Pavilion), Malaysian and Western cuisine in «The Dining Room», to al fresco dining in The Beach Club (Beach Club).


Authentic Malay and Indian cuisine at local trills of birds of paradise can be enjoyed in the restaurant, radiating its rda “rustic chic.” The restaurant is in a format with a thatched veranda tiles Gulai House, situated among the tall and lush tropical trees and surrounded by exotic plants and flowers.

The lobby bar offers a truly breathtaking panorama of the Andaman Sea, where you can enjoy light snacks and refreshing exotic cocktails.


The well-appointed rooms at The Datai Langkawi distinguish spacious bedrooms and an amazing view from the balcony.


In addition the hotel offers guests the possibility of placing a personal villas. Special attention should be built on stilts, this villa-style luxury Villa Hutan Datai. The villa has 4 bedrooms, the largest of which measures 91m2 with its own jacuzzi.


The villa is decorated with Malaysian antiques. Statues and flowing waterfalls adorn the personal 15-meter swimming pool.The-Datai-Langkawi-9

The remaining 3 bedrooms of 44m2, each of which is designed for 2 adults and 1 child.


In the living room exhibits the private collection of Asian artifacts, silverware, ceramics and paintings.

The villa is decorated with carved antique sculptures and antique statues. In addition to the villa has a personal European style kitchen, barbecue area and an outdoor bar. Villa guests are entitled to use any of the services in the hotel.


Hotel The Datai Langkawi was the winner of World Luxury Hotel Award in 2012. It is ideal for those wishing to relax with a benefit for the body and soul. Everything here is on the harmonious tunes peace footing, finding unity of his inner world to himself. One of those places about which usually say “here is worth visiting.” And more than once …

Price for 1 night at the hotel THE DATAI LANGKAWI  Untitled-1
from $ 700.

Price for 1 night at Villa Hutan Datai: $ 3 200.





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