Qantas, Australian airline, has a new airbus A380, which is characterized by an unprecedented capacity, environmental friendliness and unsurpassed comfort.

A380 is the largest airliner in the world to date, which has a record capacity: 525 passengers in three class salon. Despite the huge size, A380 is an environmentally friendly transport. This aircraft has the cleanest engine in the world with minimal emissions, it’s Rolls Royce Trent 900. In addition, during takeoff A380 is 2 times lower then other large passenger aircraft, and during the flight, in fact, soundlessness. In total, the creation of A380 took 10 years, today this aircraft can be described as the most technologically advanced and comfortable in the world.

Mark Newson, worked for Dom Perignon and Swarovski, took part in creation of modification of the Qantas A380, working. A total of Qantas A380 salon is presented by 4 grades. The best plane seats are first-class suites (First Suite), representing a truly personal space. It’s ideal for those who want to have the utmost privacy in flight. Each suite has a large, comfortable seats, a touch screen, allowing to regulate the situation of the place, passing lights, curtains, and also manages entertainment system. The chair unfolds into a full bed and has a built-in massage. Each passenger is given an individual pajama, socks, slippers, eye mask and Payot Paris toiletries.

Qantas A380 Сюьт - первый класс

17-inch screen will not give to be bored during the flight, providing the ability to view a large collection of movies, hundreds of TV shows and games. The screen is equipped with noise-attenuating headphones through which you can enjoy the music.

Qantas A380 - сьют первый класс

The suite have a charger, thanks to which you can charge a laptop. The space around the chair is equipped with various devices for storing glasses, bottles with water, magazines, clothing. In fine, the passenger seat of Qantas A380 was designed to give you space while keeping everything you need withing arms reach.

Qantas A380 сьют первый класс

The exquisite menu has been compiled by Neil Perry, the Australian restaurateur. Menu offers to start the meal with canapes and starters and continue with one of eight kinds of dishes. Design of cutlery also designed by Marc Newson.

Qantas A380 сьют первый класс

Business class has a little less restriction of personal space. Qantas A380 Business Class is ideal for business travelers, flying with colleagues or alone. Virtually all options of A380 First Suite is in the business class. So a chair unfolds in a long bed (2 meters), and separated from the adjacent seat with sliding partition.

Qantas A380 бизнес-класс

There are a places for personal belongings, such as a compartment for shoes, a box to store gloves, a place for laptop and holder for water.

Qantas A380 бизнес-класс

In the chair is mounted retractable 12-inch screen, so you can watch films, TV shows or play games and listen to music on headphones. At the bottom of chairs is the charger for mobile stuff, such as notebook.

Qantas A380 бизнес-класс

There is Onboard Business Lounge room in business class of Qantas A380, with its large sofa, so you can hold a discussion with colleagues, as well as a make a presentation at the 23-inch screen.

Qantas A380 бизнес-класс

Neil Perry also created lunch menu for business class of A380 .

Qantas A380 бизнес-класс

Each passenger of Qantas A380 business class receives pajama, socks, eye mask, earplugs and toiletries.

Qantas A380 бизнес-класс

The remaining 2 parts of the planes are the premium economy and economy class. In the salons of these classes passenger seats are not expanded in the bed. However, the premium-economy seat configuration has the option to accumbency. Chairs has the 10-inch retractable screen.

Qantas A380 премиум-эконом

The seats of Qantas A380 economy-class has monitors mounted in the front seat.

In addition to Qantas, A380 is a fleet of aircraft carriers: Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Air France.

In 2010, Qantas Airways took 7 th place in the ranking of the best airlines in the world.

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