Queen Mary 2 is one of the largest ocean liners in the world. Liner offers first class service. From stem to stern ship reaches 14 spacious decks, targeting a comfortable rest.

The liner belongs to the Cunard, British shipping company. The ship was named in honor of Queen Mary Teck, wife of King George V. Since the beginning of exploitation, in 2004, Queen Mary 2 offers its passengers an individual approach and superior service at a level that previously was available only on yachts.

Queen Mary 2

Interesting numbers: the length of the liner is 345 meters, it is 44 meters more than the height of the Eiffel Tower and only 36 meters less than the height of Empire State Building. Whistle Queen Mary 2 heard in a radius of 10 km.
But the liner Queen Mary is remarkable not only for its spectacular size, how many opportunities luxurious recreation. You can do yoga, pilates or aerobics in a fitness class, and stay in shape by running and bicycle paths. There are tennis courts on deck 13.
On board the Queen Mary 2 has five swimming pools including a children’s pool, a swimming pool on the sun deck at the top of the vessel and the most popular swimming pool on deck 12, which includes a retractable dome, providing swimming in any weather.

Queen Mary 2

After active sports you can relax in the spa club or spend time reading in the biggest library in the water, which has more than 8000 books.

Queen Mary 2 library

Walking through the ship also may be instructive, because the exhibits of glorious history of the shipping company Cunard are located around the ship.

Queen Mary 2

In addition, it is possible to enjoy the unique and one and only planetarium in the world, located on the ocean liner, or play golf on a special flight simulator with 51 fields to choose from.

Queen Mary 2 planetarium

In the evening programs Queen Mary 2 presents an exciting show, theater and live jazz.

Queen Mary 2

Sit back and enjoy the sounds of harp and string quartet in the Grand Lobby. Watch a movie can not only in cabins on TV, but in two cinemas located in the liner. You can try your luck at the casino, and indulge dancing on the dance Gala Ball floor.

Queen Mary 2 casino

In the two-tier nightclub you can enjoy not only dancing the night away, but have already become a popular thematic activities of the sixties, seventies and eighties.

There are bars for every taste on board the Queen Mary 2. There is an English pub with darts, karaoke, sports broadcast and beer. Gourmet champagne bar offers 7 types of Veuve Clicquot champagne from beautiful Waterford crystal flutes.

Queen Mary 2 - The Veuve Clicquot champagne baо

A wide range of cigars and fine fine selection of rare cognacs can be found in the Churchill bar with soft leather seating.

Queen Mary 2 offers six cabin class. The most luxurious suites are the Queens Grill. Facilities of Queens Grill Suites starts from the moment of registration and landing, guests suites of data have the highest priority. Personal butler will greet you with a bottle of French champagne and strawberries upon arrival. Queens Grill Suites guests have an exclusive and closed to other guests access to the Queens Grill restaurant, which is able to satisfy any culinary request, not included in the menu.

Queen Mary 2 Queens Grill

Grand Duplex (Q1) is the most luxurious and large suite on the ship, belonging to the category Queens Grill. Its dimensions are 685 square meters in two floors. The lower floor has a spacious living room, balcony and bathroom.

Queen Mary 2 Grand Duplex

The living room offers a spectacular view of the ocean.

Queen Mary 2 Grand Duplex

The second floor is a bedroom and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi overlooking the sea.

Queen Mary 2 Grand Duplex

Almost all Queen Mary 2 cabins have balconies. Queen Grill Suites has open-air veranda, in fact.

Queen Mary 2 Queen Grill Suite

Princess Grill Suites are also luxurious suites, but having smaller dimensions.

Queen Mary 2 Princess Grill Suite

Princess Grill Suites guests have exclusive access to the Princess Grill restaurant.

Queen Mary 2 Ресторан Princess Grill

Cabin of Britannia class (Club Balcony, Balcony, Oceanview, Inside) differ in size and a balcony. Balcony Oceanview do not have a balcony, but have a porthole. Balcony Inside do not have a sea view.

Queen Mary 2

All cabins of Balcony class are corresponds luxury suites on conventional ships.

Queen Mary 2

Rooms includes free round the clock service, daily newspaper delivery, refrigerator, safe, telephone, TV / radio satellite.

 Queen Mary 2 Britannia Club Balcony

Suggested cruises on the liner Queen Mary 2 are quite diverse. You can go to 57 cruises lasting from 1 to 96 nights in any corner of the globe.

Queen Mary 2 New York

In January 2011, Queen Mary 2 will depart for its fourth biggest journey lasting 96 nights, covering three oceans and 6 continents. Journey begins in New York City, America, then the liner will proceed to the coast of Barbados, colonial El Salvador, and the incomparable Rio. Then the Queen Mary 2 will depart to the east across the Atlantic and Indian oceans, passing the Cape Town and Mauritius on the way to Australia to wonderful landscapes and wild animals. Further, crossing the equator, along the southern coast of Asia from the peaceful Buddhist temples to the bright neon-eastern cities. Ahead of the historic Red Sea and Suez Canal, and the gorgeous finale, bypassing the Mediterranean, in Southampton in the county of Hampshire, England.

Queen Mary 2 - план круиза в 96 ночей

Cost of 96-day cruise on the Queen Mary 2 is $ 167,500.

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