A Kross Level A + 2014 – this bike is not for everyone. If you are used to the best and the bike is needed not just for periodic cycling. We offer you a great deal of fun in conquering the harsh terrain and cross country routes, this bike is well suited and is designed for someone like you.

If your approach is to decide to outdo your companions in a friendly cross-country race in the Alps for example, then this mountain bike is likely to appeal to competitive racers but it is also suitable for beginner’s trying this sport for the first time those are not accustomed to learning in a simple model.

From small shops to the largest Motovelo

The best way of finding a quality bicycle is to spend some time researching the company and its history. Kross is located in Poland and like many of today’s successful organisations started with a small shop selling bicycles. The founder of the company, who is an ardent fan of cycling, was well aware of the shortcomings and weaknesses of popular models. So he took this into account when he opened his own production of bicycles, being careful not to fall in the pitfalls of his predecessors.

From year to year, has seen increasing numbers in the production capacity workforce. The owner has taken on career positions of responsibility only real the velo fanatics who love this relatively new sport and have a good knowledge of this business, along with the theoretical and practical side.


Kross is Europe’s largest Motovelo providing the professionals great new methods of biking which has created a number of jobs, especially located within small towns. Over the years, the company has patented and sold a few of their own development, each of which has been tested by personal sports team factory.

New version KROSS LEVEL – new features

We return here to our Kross Level A +. The model has previously released and gained recognition throughout the world of riders and has achieved many honorary awards. In 2014 the advanced version was born leaving the old verified geometry, the frame of the new bike is made of carbon fiber SL. carboxylic frame bike with a weight equaling 8.66 kg offering high strength, lightness and vibration damping – its distinctive qualities that cannot be underestimated is designed for steep terrain.


In general, if you are seriously decided to do cross-country biking, or even to reach the dizzy heights of competing in the Summer Olympics cross country for your country, then the Kross Level A + is perfect in every detail, even the smallest, the most thought out plans and the only recognized discipline of mountain biking, which is included in the Olympic program today.

The perfection of each screw

We have implemented a hydraulic braking system for effective safety and control. The braking response is immediate and using no extra adapters or effective heat dissipation providing a longer life on the bikes Post Mount Cross Level A +.

Mountain biking can be subjected to various mechanical actions: off road, hill climbing, falls, etc. As mentioned above, the structural strength is achieved through the use of carbon fiber SL and for the preservation of the aesthetic appeal and the additional damage resistance, a multilayered painting is applied. If you decide to purposefully pursue a Level A + in unsuitability, it will retain all of their best qualities and appearance even after several years of intense riding.


Rims, tires and even bearings – all parts of the construction in Kross bicycles. Rims are incredibly light and durable at the same time. The materials are designed and tested for robust use and conditions for high strength and the bearings operate on the maximum and minimum wear and again tested for varying extreme weather conditions.

So if you are looking to select the best, to purchase a real mountain bike for yourself or your loved ones, take a look at the bike Kross Level A + and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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