If you’re a person who has a privileged affordable lifestyle with some additional dollars to spare and is not looking to invest in any type of business venture, then these options can only be suited to a person of your caliber.

As an example for the rich entrepreneurs you can buy a plot of land on the moon. Or you may wish to pre-book flight tickets for the spaceship cruising to the planet Mars. But off course this will require special training, including a lot more requirements.

A proposal to purchase several acres of exotic tundra closer to home rather than head into deep space, I am sure would be more of interest to foreign investors right now. So for those of you looking for that something special which puts you into a category that most can only dream of, we have the perfect solution for you and the name of such a place is known as – Dumunpalit.

Dumunpalit – Island in the pocket

Dumunpalit – this is one of the islands attached to the Pacific Ocean, which will be the jewel of your collection of unforgettable experiences.

On this island the local spoken aboriginal dialect (Cuyonin) is called Dumunpalit, which means “the place that never changes,” but the island is also known as (Turtle Island) for good reason due the volcanic mountains climbing to more than 150 feet high, on both ends of the land, like the giant turtle fins in the blue and turquoise crystal clear waters of the Pacific shores.


Rock formations reach out of the Pacific waters on the island and can also resemble ridges from Mars, the Moon, or Tibet, a completely different journey to one which you may experience on a space trip but one which you will not regret. It’s not always easy to put into words this mesmerizing beauty of the land area and it’s seventy-five acres of red marble and volcanic rock island surrounded by protected coral reefs, which are in Mindoro Strait about 40 minute flight southeast of Manila between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. Dumunpalit is a last frontier of the Philippines and a timeless land of awe, wonder, sea and stars.

From the height of a soaring eagle the island looks like a turtle floating through the ocean water.

… About the weather …

As we have mentioned, Turtle Island is the last frontier of the Philippines, the land of inspiration, admiration, surprise, which is honed by the refreshing waters of the Pacific and can only be considered as a place which exists in another time.

It is worth noting that the Philippines, as a country, are located on more than 7,100 Philippine Islands, which are part of the Malay Archipelago.

The climate there moves from the season’s monsoon then rolling in sub-equatorial conditions. The temperature on the coast all year ranges from 24 to 28°C and the clear sun kissed water of the Pacific Ocean which washes the Philippines is not only turquoise but provides a milky, blending the color of the sand.


The northern part of the province of Palawan, which belongs to the island, is the most undeveloped part of the island, so here preserve the pristine beauty of the nature gives you a real understanding on its creation.

For hundreds of years, this part of the country has been separated from the troubled Muslim areas and are known to be very safe.

Journey to Turtle

In the Philippines, is nestled with a labyrinth of islands which is passable by small cruising vessels.

If you decide to buy and want to see your future investments, it can be organized in comfort, especially tailored for you. We describe it as a cruise as a journey to the mythical tortoise that rests on three pillars and keeps the earth on its back.

Turtle Island is located close enough to the exclusive and extremely expensive island resort, Club Paradise (Paradise Club). From there the journey on a small boat can take a long time so tourists often make cruises with larger ships. Stopping on the various islands and reefs to visit the shops and restaurants, sightseeing and recreation or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.


During your stay you will be provided on board with private sleeping quarters and the chef will offer delicious delicacies of wonderful tasting food.

If you are lucky enough, you may see a school of dolphins playfully cutting the surface of the ocean and performing in and out the waves.

As the ship approaches Dumunpalit, the beauty island unfolds and for even the weariest of businessmen will energize and wipe away any tiredness to the wonderful spectacle before them. The thirst for new experiences and discoveries often overwhelms all new comers to this fascinating shore.

The ship is usually anchored in a cozy lagoon reef on the east side, which is protected from the wind.


As you disembark you will be greeted to approximately 2,000 feet of a pristine sandy beach with white sand and coconut trees, along with 50 miles of stretched sapphire water shoals that look like precious silk fabrics, embroidered fragments of land.

A quiet rustle sublunary paradise

The north side of the island is full of caves which you can explore.


On the eastern edge of the land you will find a cradle of the coconut trees and a large stretching beach. Numerous hills of virgin land is covered with dense vegetation, which serves as the abode for a variety of wild animals, including a beautiful array of the most colour birds, butterflies and other wildlife that you will never find anywhere else on this planet.

The coastal waters of the island are mentioned in tourist guides as one of the best places in the world for snorkeling.

This area of land is one of the most mystical and magical places. The island, with its wonderful dark dungeons, cutting his eyes dazzling white sand, rocks, rising from the sky-blue waters and tropical forest, would lead you to believe that could only come from some bizarre literary character and certainly a place that conjures up the imagination of films such as “The Beach” or scenes shot in exotic locations of Thailand.


Sights to this earthly abode can be hidden but visitors almost immediately realize that they could never imagine such a fantastically captivated the place called. Turtle Island. A place filled with wonder and magnificence that will leave imprinted in the mind a view that cannot be described in words.

Bastion of civilization

Natural beauty to modern man, who is accustomed to the comfort level of the 21st century, is often not enough.

Currently on the island built of two cottages for owners and servants. The construction consists of 2 tropical woods, bamboo, galvanized roofing and shingles.

There are two well constructed systems of supplying fresh water to pumps that provide clean drinking water throughout the year.

If you still have any doubts in buying, your visit will be well prepared for you.

Your cottage contains an area of ​​350 square meters which includes a kitchen, shower and toilet and the house is equipped with a rain catchment system up to 2,000 liters, plus there is a garage for your use.

There is no need or requirement for any type of special shoes for the island is perfect for barefoot walking and everything you need will be provided for you.


Features “place that never changes”

The area has been landscaped over a few acres for the garden and you will find a number fruit trees including banana, coconut and date palms, papaya, mango and citrus planted within the vicinity.

Additionally you will find enough space to enjoy a round of golf, considered as the only noble game, you can play alone if required.

To take away any worries or concerns you may have there are two responsible, hardworking servants from the neighboring village, that they are most reliable and trustworthy who will remain on the island for your needs and will work full time for just US $ 172 per day.

The island has its own well maintained boat which you will find always in good working order.

Inspection estates

The estate provides you with a wondrous sight of coconut palms lining the edge of the forest and a flock of bright yellow birds flitting above the giant trees.

Jungle vegetation - Puerto Galera, Mindoro island

Two of the staff will greet you upon arrival to carry your luggage down the path past the trees, passing the servant’s quarters and by-passing the kitchen wing of the cottage, where you will find that it is equipped with firewood for the cooking. Fresh coconuts are normally stacked in the corner, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink when you arrive.

After unpacking and taking a quick shower and a snack, you may wish to walk along the private beach or even refresh with a dip into the cool sea. The access road leading from the beach will take you into the island and out onto the lawns with banana and citrus trees plus two wells at the bottom of the hill.

Using the hand pump you can test clean drinking water and being surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean, the availability of fresh water will give you a feeling of security and satisfaction.

Dreams of coral reefs

As dusk approaches you will notice the dark sky starts to fill with a myriad of twinkling stars.

While quietly thinking about plans for the next day the flames of the sunset dilute by the beach and eventually disappear into the Ocean, giving you an excellent backdrop for the evening conversations.

For whatever you have planned during your dream stay on this wonderful island, we offer you the opportunity to participate in: cave exploration, swimming, walking, gardening, golf, and perhaps rising to the observation deck of the projection of one of the highest peaks, where you will see the most idyllic views that you could only dream about.


Apart from the aforementioned exclusive main beach on the island, you can find many hidden small beaches. This is definitely “A place that never changes” – a paradise for lovers of fantasy and for dream divers. Fans of this popular sport without doubt will be delighted in feature of the cave with two entrances – from the sea and from the land. A natural arch in the form of a bridge over the water will cause anyone to stand still for a moment in awe of such a structure and it’s there that you will noticeable the local coral in its splendor of blue, red and orange dancing colours which for centuries have caressed and gently kiss the soft silken sands.

The local forests are also very safe to explore and most certainly no need of any concerns as there are no poisonous plants, wild animals and mosquitoes to worry about.

Although this cannot be confirmed, legend has it that somewhere on this very island is buried gold bars since World War II and if you’re the adventurous type, you may wish to try a little treasure hunting while there. But the main treasure you will have already found. “The island of Dumunpalit” and all is wonderful and natural beauty it has to offer.

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