Katafanga Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world and one of the last open for the sale of islands in the South Pacific – Fiji.

Fiji is an archipelago, consisting of 332 separate islands in the South-Eastern Pacific Ocean. Fiji, with friendly local people and picturesque islands, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Katafanga Island is an island conveniently located one hour flight over some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world from Nadi International Airport. Vanua Balawu is the nearest island with regular flights so easily accessible.
Продажа острова Катафанга в Фиджи

Katafanga is a jewel in the crown and is 225 acres of untouched beauty, surrounded by white sandy beaches and its own 5,000 acre of tranquil lagoons with an impressive reef, which completely surrounds the island. The entrance to the lagoon is 35 feet deep and over 200 feet wide allowing accommodation of the largest of yachts. This island measures 1 mile long by a third of a mile wide with up to 150 feet of elevation.

Katafanga Island

The white sandy beaches are located on the east and west side of the island and its villa is located strategically on the west side to observe the magnificent sunsets of the Pacific Ocean. The tropical atmosphere complements the plantations of coconut palms giving the real feeling of a Robinson Crusoe experience. Katafanga Island has the hallmark for the perfect golf tournament, or you may wish to indulge in cycling, tennis, cave exploring, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, deep-sea fishing or scuba diving. On the island you can find several limestone caverns. Nine are surprisingly large caverns and corridors of stalagmites and stalactites are ideally suited for studying the depth of 140 meters.

Остров Катафанга

This island is a perfect home for world-class resort, which is currently under construction and 80% of construction is now completed. Full completion is expected within 6-9 months. The main complex consists of a hall, lounge, dining hall, conference room and spa and is located 35 meters above sea level. 20 private villas are scattered along the coastline, of which each villa has its own private sandy beach. The villas are luxuriously designed in marble bathrooms for two people and include indoor and outdoor showers, a swimming pool overlooking the spectacular sunset of Fiji.

Остров Катафанга

The following is currently completed or under construction:

  • 20 luxurious private villas with air-conditioning and complies with the corresponding California state standards of protection from earthquakes, capable of withstanding wind with a force of 100 m/sec.
  • The main complex with a dining pavilion and open Lounge Terrace.
  • An impressive two-story wine cellar.
  • Well-equipped fitness center and spa.
  • Nine hole golf course and tennis court.
  • Hangar for aircraft, water purification and electrical device watering plants.
  • Underground water sources, electrical, telephone and internet lines.
  • Laundry and housing.
  • 1000 meter runway, plus 7 miles of roads.
  • Harbor and marina for yacht mooring.
  • 1.5 Million liter reservoir.

As a new owner, you may wish to take purchase as soon as possible and once the current construction of the resort is completed, the resort will fully be opened to visit in 6-9 months or even be used as a private property for renting purposes.

Остров Катафанга

Katafanga Island is a freehold titled property, which is not common in Fiji thus ensuring its long term investment potential for any would be buyer. The purchase of an island in Fiji is a long term investment, taking into account the scarcity of sold to private buyers because of the popularity of tourism in this country. The owner of the Katafanga Island has unlimited freedom in the design, construction and management of the resort without any limitations.

For this chance of a lifetime and we know you will be suitably impressed. We would organise for you a private charter flight to inspect the island, with a view of making a purchase. For more detailed information, contact us at: sales@poshex.com

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