Alta Moda is the rigor of masculinity and the freshness of femininity: the right combination for a stylish, elegant house with an eye to fashion. No longer a sign of ostentation, the gleam of silver, gold, and coloured stones is now a decorative element used by Alta Moda designers to highlight furnishings and accessories.

Luxurious AltaModa living room collections

Required factors of living room are comfort, not persuasive appeal, the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony necessary for a comfortable pastime. If it is a night’s rest, the quiet design can be replaced by a bright, bright and contrasting. Furniture for living room can be dressed in the cause, bright colors and bear a passionate fervor that time of day, for which it is intended. Altamoda adheres precisely this concept.

Luxurious  living room Atelier AltaModa

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In general palette of colors collection living room Atelier prevail black, silver and pink colors.

Fluffy sofa, bar, wide armchair that the main components of the living room Atelier. Coffee table located directly in the center of the composition, table, stands on the podium, framed in a square silver frame, with abundant stamping and woodcarving.

The furniture Atelier present for incandescent lamps, rugs, tables of different shapes and bar counters. The living room Atelier is rich in a wide range of luxury goods, expensive materials and the standard of quality manufactured furniture.

Luxurious living room Chic AltaModa

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Living room Chic has ornate design and curvy shape. Furniture Chic has a cream-colored and airy and soft comfortable form.
Fashion trends are traced in every subject, which is part of an elite furniture Chic. Altamoda created a real masterpiece in the world of elite furniture. Here and pretentious design, and reference finish, and form factor of the items themselves, and much more.

Not the traditional form of objects and material from which made all the elements of the living room Chic, credit outstanding designers and artists who invented a great set. With lush upholstery and elaborated forms of the items themselves elite furniture Chic incredibly comfortable and convenient, rest in the embrace of luxurious sofas delivers exists pleasure and bliss.

Furniture Altamoda useful in planning and does not cause problems with the placement. Collection Chic room incredibly rich and full of great set of tracks and additional items. Decorative elements adorning most surfaces fancy goods, furniture add charm and volume, though this is not a leisure furniture from several subjects, but a whole exhibition of incredible beauty of things, each of which wants to touch and to plunge into the arms of beautiful furniture Chic.

Luxurious living room Tiffany AltaModa

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Luxurious living from Tiffany Altamoda turn your free-time in paradise pleasure. Living room Tiffany characterize smooth lines and soft forms. Furniture Tiffany Altamoda includes a bar rack, the Italian table and ottoman, double sofa, a sprawling wide armchair, table and chair for the bar. The snow-white version of the carved room Tiffany brings calm and idyllic.

Altamoda use all available means and materials in order to create unique furniture is challenging Tiffany.

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