Bulthaup kitchens is the quality of life. Bulthaup designs and creates integrated solutions for living space, without ceasing the efforts to make the evolution of the kitchen. A sustained commitment to the study of societal change and trends in the design and the liberation from the constraints is doing bulthaup the leading company in the manufacture of kitchen systems.

Bulthaup makes technicals and aesthetically outstanding kitchens to the specific space conditions and individual needs of the client.

Design Bulthaup kitchens by German masters are characterized by functionality and sensuality. Masters Bulthaup devotees of perfection in everything.
In 2009, the company celebrated 60 years. During this time bulthaup created a new philosophy of cuisine: ergonomics, the authenticity of materials, functionality, design and social significance of the central premises of the house. Butcher block “Island” became a business card of Bulthaup  – a table from a single piece of wood, located in the center of the kitchen. Another brilliant  Bulthaup kitchen has become a mobile “System 20”, consisting of independent blocks, it can instantly change a design space. Innovative solutions has always been offered and continues to be offered by Bulthaup.

Bulthaup products

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bulthaup kitchen b1

[singlepic id=192 w=320 h=240 float=right]Kitchen bulthaup b1 focuses on combining the basic elements that allows to implement a turnkey solution to design a kitchen. The essence bulthaup b1 is a perfect simplicity. Freedom from the handles. Using a few basic elements and materials can create powerful solutions that combine practicality and aesthetics.

Kitchen bulthaup b1 for those who do not accept compromises.
The system includes: the lower cabinets, tall cabinets, wall cabinets, wall panels and shelves, inside equipment

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bulthaup kitchen b2

[singlepic id=196 w=320 h=240 float=right]Kitchen bench bulthaup b2 essence of three elements: a kitchen bench, equipped with a working area, cooking stove and a water point, and the two complement his cabinets, one of which contains instruments and in the other – dishes, utensils, tools and products. Important separated from the unimportant, to concentrate on the essentials, thanks to the opportunity every day to use only the best.

Technique is always ready to work, but deliberately hidden inside cabinets. When the cabinet doors open, the entire kitchen space immediately disclosed. Kitchen bulthaup b2 can be very open and very discreet.

bulthaup b2 – a kitchen for the pioneers in the art of thinking and living.

The system includes: kitchen bench, kitchen cabinet, cabinet for kitchen appliances, internal organization.

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bulthaup kitchen b3

[singlepic id=211 w=320 h=240 float=right] Kitchen bulthaup b3 Kitchen bulthaup b3 is characterized by a variety of planning decisions and amazingly light, floating design. The system allows to apply any type of situation: floor, or mounted on legs. The varias materials are used: from  aluminum and lacquer to the refined wood. Each element of the kitchen bulthaup b3 is not only admired by his impeccable aesthetics and flawless building, but it is also a truly innovative design.

This is a kitchen for those who want just one thing: the best.

The system includes: a multifunctional wall, lower cabinets, lower cabinets for appliances, cabinets of medium height, tall cabinets, wall cabinets, cabinets with roll on the work surface, handles, functional cabinets, functional elements, a water block.

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bulthaup bench С3

[singlepic id=214 w=320 h=240 float=right] Bench bulthaup C3 is an elegant bench, created from thin material, literally hovering in the air & not touching the floor. It was designed specifically for the harmonious combination with the kitchen bulthaup b3. It is mounted on a steel frame multi-functional wall, or – in another form of mounting – can be put on the floor that is ideal for desk, located in the center of the room. Both options can be supplemented by a table c3, which combines perfectly with the kitchen bulthaup b3.

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Wegner Chairs

Anyone who had ever sit on a chair by Hans Wegner, will understand why bulthaup included this model in its catalog. This chair was created by Danish designer in 1950, and today it is admired for it’s characteristic minimalism, equilibrium and artistic appearance



Accessories make the kitchen the special one. Lightweight design, functionality and manual processing turn small objects into objects of admiration.

Bulthaup represents the following Kitchen Accessories: steel stand for pots, chopping boards, a board for cutting bread, Bread, wooden boxes, wooden container, the container for storage of vegetables, wooden basket, serving tray, containers for dry food and flower pots.

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Bulthaup presents techniques: mixing cock, lighting, exhaust systems, which make the kitchen a technically perfect.


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