AltaModa – creativity, which distinguishes the works of Alta Moda, is a new look at furniture production using materials such as wood and textiles of the highest quality. AltaModa Collection is characterized by flowing lines and soft forms. In the decoration of furniture accessories used bright colors of gold, silver, fuchsia, raspberry, eggplant, and inlays crystals.

Altamoda’s creation proves its multi-faceted nature.
Here is a new way of translating original imagery into substance. A voluptuous dynamic follows lines that adorn high-concept spaces. Brilliant hues mold its lines, and aesthetics are inherent to each piece. The decoration stays true to a founding idea expressed through its tiniest, most precious details.

Following a few of Altamoda’s defining ethos.

Luxurious AltaModa dining room collections

Luxurious  dining room Atelier AltaModa

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Collection of elite Italian furniture, a few avant-garde compositions strict, and an abundance of additional items to a personal choice, differing form factor and color decisions. Luxurious dining Atelier, wins against the other models, its diversity, expressive brilliance.

Finely tailored combination of colors, add pretentious headset charm and refinement. With modern technology, talented designers the Italian furniture factory AltaModa managed to create a reference, diverse collection of Atelier. Raisin by which dining in Italy has received popularity lies in the scrupulous approach to the creation of every detail, and detail the collection of Atelier. Typical classical headsets ornament, carved patterns, which led to dining Alta Moda.

The best varieties of woods, high resistant upholstery, hand-carved wood and magnificent finish the distinguishing features, which endowed elite dining Atelier. dining Atelier has a variety of colors, which combines a wide range of precious shade.

Luxurious dining room Chic AltaModa

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Luxurious Italian dining Chic – not just the traditional dining-class. You find yourself in a world of sweet dreams of your childhood, elite dining in Italy Chic so gentle and whimsical in its forms that it wants to not only touch, but taste the taste. Fluffy padding enveloped almost all dining things. Luxurious Italian dining room Chic AltaModa – this kit, which prevail confectionery motives.

Top quality products, natural materials, an abundance of innovation and bold design solutions, collectively create a pompous, air dining room. Each piece is a solid self-identity, convenient and flexible in planning lace processed products, not subside padding and high quality materials will retain their initial form and the original appearance for many years. The abundance of all kinds of upholstery fabrics and structures attached to the elite lounge Chic individuality. Uniqueness and the possibility of self-selection configuration provides exclusivity, which has elite Italian dining Chic.

Luxurious dining room Chic is a backlight, built-in windows, air floor lamps, painted glass, painted in a graceful windows and doors on the surface of the round tables and much more.

Luxurious dining room Tiffany AltaModa

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The abundance of round, oval and deliberately elongated curved flexible forms provided by the factory reigns and governs in the elite of Italian dining Tiffany. The triumph of delicate trim lines, festive atmosphere found a worthy place in the charming dining room.

Luxurious Italian dining room Tiffany ready to take in its embrace of even the most pretentious and spoiled people. High back chairs, endowed with incredible beauty worthy of holding a steering wheel and unique emblem, a symbol of pride and wealth. In the collection of Tiffany present individuality and exclusivity, everyone will find something exactly what you want it for a particular purpose.

Dining room Tiffany is ready to adorn any interior, pomposity and grace, reigning in the headset will improve any interior, and rich tracery upholstery, coupled with the grandeur of form and an abundance of hand-carved elements give any interior charm and gentility.


  1. faathima


    I would like to know if there is any way that i can purchase from you considering im from south sfrica.
    please get back to me

  2. Effie

    I live in NYC and would like to purchase your furniture. Please advise.


  3. Effie

    Do you ship to NYC? Please let me know.


    • Expert

      Dear, Effie we can provide delivery to NYC

      • Iffy

        What the price for this tiffany collection for the dinning set with 6 chairs and how much would be shipping charge for NYC

  4. Bridget

    Can you send me the dimensions of the tiffany round dining room table, chairs, and china cabinet?

  5. Lobna alassil

    I saw a photo on other web site have same purple dining room but in gold and cream . Do you have it ? It was round square with 6 chairs. I live in Cleveland Ohio , do you ship it ? Thank You

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