Rum Legacy by Angostura – jewel of the Caribbean.

Can there be anything more beautiful than the warm, gentle sun, caressing breeze of the Caribbean and the rustle of palm leaves? “Only rum” – a cynic would say, and a favorite of millions of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Of course, if this rum – «Legacy by Angostura» worth 25 000 dollars per bottle.

Angostura ® – the company that produces the bitter flavor drinks that are sold successfully worldwide, geographically covering 164 markets.

Roma Angostura not won one gold medal at many international competitions over the last decade. Drink «Legacy by Angostura», produced by Angostura ®, has been called “the most awarded rum in the world”.


Secrets of the past

What counted MD, a member of the Battle of Waterloo, the German Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, leaving his native country in the distant 1820, when he went in search of adventure?

Did he see himself a military surgeon in the army of Simon Bolivar, whose authority and influence forced to reckon with him halfway around the world and is seriously afraid of the newly formed United States of America, in a hospital in the Venezuelan town of Angostura?


Past able to keep their secrets, leaving us a few facts on which historians are trying to draw a coherent picture.

It is believed that looking at the suffering of the wounded soldiers, dying of fever and infections, Siegert for four years, creating a rare combination of herbs, allowing ease their suffering. He created tincture “Amargo Aromatics” (aromatic bitter) was miraculous – it helps people, poor tolerance tropical climate, adapt quickly to him and rescued from seasickness.

“Catch the wind sail, Lord, and do not forget to enter the commercial port of Angostura on the banks of the Orinoco fabulous” – whispered southern sea breeze and sailors, the former always a little superstitious, listen to him.

On board were valued spirits, because rotten water diluted with alcohol, so it can be thirsty. Therefore, when explorers found out from the locals about the unique properties of the beverage of Dr. Siegert and tasted it, then tried to make the invention doctor was always present on the ships.

Thus began the long journey of Medicine Johan Siegert the world, and continuing to this day.



Already in 1830 «Angostura» exported to England and Trinidad. In 1850, Dr. left the service in the army in order to concentrate on the manufacture of its own “beater”, because by that hour the demand for magical intoxicating drug literally skyrocketed. Tincture, originally used as a medicine, soon became an integral part of many cocktails the US and Europe – after only a couple of drops is enough to dye cocktail unique taste and aroma.

But rum she became later. The sons of the doctor moved in 1875 to the island of Trinidad and opened a factory for the production of alcoholic beverages.

To chosen

March 28, 2013 in an elite Moscow club Soho Rooms hold closed presentation.

Master distiller of House of Angostura John George personally represented the “cream of society” exclusive rum «Legacy of Angosrura». Among those present were top managers “Lukoil”, “Investment Bank”, FAC, “Don Story Invest», Nissan, Microsoft and others. Among the guests, despite the fact that rum is considered to be exclusively “male” drink was quite a lot of women – actress Darya Dostal and Irina Rakhmanov, TV Personalities and Journalists Thekla Thick and Elena Starostin.

They all gathered to witness the miracle and try a new light – the most expensive rum in the world.


Exclusive drink, whose name translates as “Heritage Angostura” was created in honor of the 50th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

John George himself says of him: “Rum Angostura – is the embodiment of the concept of” luxury “even for connoisseurs of rum. We have created a unique creation that has no equals. “


Unique «Legacy by Angostura» was produced on the island of Trinidad manually and held for six years.

What makes it so special?

This rum is not only the most expensive, but also one of the most unusual spirits that have ever been created on the ground.

A few facts:

  • In total there are only 20 bottles «Legacy by Angostura»;
  • Two of them have already found their owners: one in the US and one in Sweden;
  • the cost of one portion of the unique drink – 1 200 dollars;
  • rum is sold at private auctions, which are held at the Hotel Regence Hyatt Tobago on exclusive invitations;
  • in Russia was brought only one bottle «Legacy by Angostura» and a small amount of rum to taste;
  • All proceeds from sales go to charity;
  • further production «Legacy by Angostura» is not  planned.

Collection rum «Legacy by Angostura» – offer for those who believe that tried everything in life, and proof that this view is mistaken!



During manufacture, the rum was purified in a cube with seven distillation columns, and, after filtration of the cold phase of the process, was placed in a 200-liter oak barrels for maturation.

Keg without nails dark American oak traditionally gives amazing drink the same color, which is then deep mesmerizing reflections in viscous droplets. The color of the liquid really enchants like glowing bronze – when you hold the decanter in hand, you can see the veins of gold and amber.

The most famous in the world of rum is prepared on the basis of gentian root, orange peel extract, cinchona bark, angelica, nutmeg flower, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and others. Sandalwood gives rum reddish – coffee color.

«Angostura» – this is absolutely unique and unrepeatable combination of spices and natural herbs in tincture. It’s the taste that can not be forgotten – the inexpressible delight for gourmets and true aesthetes of the higher strata of society. Bouquet «Legacy by Angostura» – is seven rare and extremely expensive rums at least seventeen, and at best – sixty years of exposure.

Miracle tasting

The famous “Dead Man’s Chest, oh-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!” From the exciting adventure novel “Treasure Island” is known to all.

Rum traditionally to associate with the favorite alcoholic drink corsairs, although rum drinking not only pirates. But in this stereotype does have some truth, because the best rums are produced just in the Caribbean, where he settled once pirates.

Glorified rums «Angostura» accepted to use in very small doses. And, of course, «Legacy by Angostura» – is no exception, it is not the sort of rum, which is drunk in one gulp, once poured into a glass.

First you have to feel its delicate aroma, the fundamental, the first and key. Bring the vessel closer – and you will feel the sparkle flavors of vanilla, spice and oak. Soon you will part with a floral odor, transferred to other, unique and beautiful world, when decide to take the first sip.


After it you will feel the fragrant bouquet, you’ll be amazed by the supernatural and sweet taste. Sweetness quickly fade into the background, and once you glotnete little more of this extremely heavy liquid, you will experience the flight, feel that you are in free fall, gradually feeling the deeper growing presence Heritage «Legacy by Angostura» within you. Taste of nuts adds subtlety – the most expensive feature.

When all the above and will be feeling back, and you’re finished his drink, will only finish amber and oak.

Interestingly, John George does not believe that the conventional wisdom about the perfect compatibility of rum and cigars are true. He prefers to enjoy the perfect drink without adding any flavors and recommends drinking «Legacy by Angostura» so.

Precious frame

The vessel that holds this wonderful rum, filled in art deco style, itself a work of art.

Exclusive glass decanter specifically for this unique “pirate drink” was made by jewelers manually.

Cork is made from sterling silver. Butterfly, sat down on a silver barrel, symbolizes the beginning of the harvest season of sugarcane – collecting it, African slaves, who were not allowed to talk, sing songs in the style of calypso, communicating in this way.


Dekonter «Legacy by Angostura» was created by jeweler Asprey, working exclusively for the Royal Court and the United Kingdom made ​​an exception only for this unique novel.

Incidentally, the House of Angostura is also the title of the supplier of the Royal Court, and the company’s employees are proud to say that the Queen prefers to drink gin, adding a drop of “beater” from Angostura.



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