Cognac Martell – a brand of the most famous and oldest brands in the world, the story of the creation of which is already nearly three years. The founder of the cognac house Martell is an Englishman, Jean Martel, who moved to the French town of Cognac, hence the brand name of the brandy, and osnovavashy the very first of the great cognac houses still in 1715.

In its early years, Jean Martel traded grain, but a little later with the support of his wife’s relatives, putting dowry Madame Martel and his own savings, he started cognac business. Before it was delivered abroad grape spirit delayed for about a year, so the quality of the alcohol was not high.

First Martel engaged only in the resale of finished wines, but after a few years the family Martell started manufacturing its own brandies. Unlike other manufacturers of the time, Jean Martel paid special attention to not only the quantity but also the quality of manufactured goods, which will undoubtedly soon helped him to create a truly great cognacs.



Prior to the French Revolution was the leading company in the Martell cognac production. She was a pioneer in the development of foreign markets, in particular, English and German (Saxon). At the head of the firm, had already had eight generations of the family Martel. Now the area of ​​production Martell Cognac is divided into 6 zones (appellations), and the company owns 400 hectares of vineyards in the best areas, 28 distillation apparatus, large warehouses and cellars.

The company buys grapes still have 2,600 winegrowers. The annual volume of production of the company is two million cases, or 17.5% of the world market of cognac. Martell sells its products in more than 140 countries. Cognac Martell – it’s a great strong drink that has a truly unique and individual taste.

When creating this brand of cognac grapes used, which is collected only during the time of the best crops on the family vineyards Martel family. Vineyards grow in the best regions of Cognac: Border, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Clock Bois. Loamy soil of these lands by the Atlantic Ocean. The mild climate is favorable influence on the grapes grow, which is the basis of cognac.



Special attention is given a small vineyard Borderi that Jean Martel allocated more when creating cognac business. Thanks to the flower and soft taste grapes Ugni Blanc gives produced on its basis cognacs special refinement and softness. Vineyard Borders – the highest mark of quality home Martell.

However, Martell Cognac is distinguished not only the best vineyards, but also a special distillation method only light wines. House Martell still uses sharantiyskie cubes distillation spirtov.spirtov.



Technology, stored or one century, allows the master to manually allocate and save cognac spirit of absolute purity and transparency, which in the future will determine the flavor of each of cognac Martell.

The final key element of creating unsurpassed Martell cognacs is the stage of aging, which occurs exclusively in oak barrels tronseyskih forests, characterized by fine grain and softness. These cognac oak barrels gives a distinctive flavor of dried fruits and berries. Year after year, the tree nourishes cognac, saturating it in amber.

After the completion of a long process of maturation is the selection of the most precious cognac, which then are stored in a special cellar decades in braided vessels, waiting for hours to become the basis of an outstanding and rare cognac Martell.



In the compositions of Martell cognacs combines several grape varieties. Color of the drink – from golden amber to rich mahogany, complete with copper-red glow. Its flavor is represented the richness and fullness of the bouquet, subtly playing tones of nuts and dried fruits of various hues.

Gamma brandy flavor is delicate and complex, and finish this French cognac long and subtle and depends on the type of cognac and its endurance. Strength of the drink – 40%, age cognac, its member – 40-45 years. On the quality and sophistication of the drink evidenced by the decision of Napoleon Bonaparte, according to which the cognac house Martell became a supplier of his court. At the same time the emperor recommend Martell cognac and his consul Cambaceres doctor Korvisaru Baron, who also began to submit Martell to its guests.



Subsequently, Martell cognac delivered to the residence of Emperor Napoleon III in Paris in the Tuileries Palace.

House Martell as successes were noted award gold award Bon Goût Français («Best French taste”) and the awarding of prizes for outstanding achievements in the field of exports. Among the customers at home and Martell were such prominent persons as D. Rockefeller and Winston Churchill.

Martell Cognac still accompany the solemn events of influential people from around the world, and all this thanks to the great taste and great quality.

The best Martell Cognac

Martell X.O



Martell XO – The most famous cognac Martell. The original shape of the bottle in the form of an arch became a symbol of the cognac house. The drink has a golden amber color and aroma of coriander, figs and almonds, with some notes of sandalwood. Despite the spicy and nutty smell, Martell XO Cognac has a fruity taste. A distinctive feature of this cognac is really mild taste.

Price cognac Martell XO: 12 320 rubles

Martell V.S.



Martell V.S. (Very Special) – three-star cognac with 150 years of history. Matured in oak barrels for five to seven years. Has a light golden color and taste of citrus fruits and pears. Thanks, silky finish is excellent as a digestif. It is recommended to use alone or with tonic, and ginger ale.

Price cognac Martell XO: 1 940 rubles.

Martell V.S.O.P.



Martell V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) – brandy aged from ten to dvennadtsati years and more than 150 years of history. A distinctive feature of this cognac is a medallion with the image of Louis XIV. It was at the end of the year of King was founded Cognac house Martell. Cognac has an outstanding taste for the truth, as it is based on a mixture of the four best vineyards of Cognac. Pure golden amber color. Martell VSOP has a great plum flavor. The taste is rich and soft, it is possible to distinguish the notes of candied fruits – raisins. It is recommended to be used in pure form.

Martell Cordon Bleu



Martell Cordon Bleu is the highest mark of culinary academy in France. Name of the drink emphasizes its classic harmonious taste. Produced since 1912, from the fruit of the best vineyard Borderi. Has an excerpt from 20 to 30 years old, has a pleasant taste of violet, dark copper color, marked with orange flavor. Despite the classic simplicity of taste, cognac Cordon Bleu has a complex structure, representing a mixture of more than 150 cognac.

C 1936 Cognac Martell Cordon Bleu is presented in the bar for VIP guests of the liner Queen Mary. In 2012, Martell Cordon Bleu cognac celebrated its anniversary in the Hotel de Paris, Monaco, where a century ago, it was first presented to the public.

Martell Cordon Bleu rekuomenduetsya used in pure form.

Martell Cohiba



Martell Cohiba – designed to be the perfect complement to the well-known and prestigious cigars Cohiba. Cooperation with the manufacturer of Cuban cigars underlines Martell innovative approach in creating their products, through which fans of Cohiba cigars got the perfect companion.

Color cognac Martell Cohiba has a shade of mahogany. The nose can distinguish shades of roasted coffee zerёn and subtle floral fragrance. Cohiba Cognac taste sweet, nutty.

Martell Cohiba Cognac is recommended to use in its pure form in combination with cigars Cohiba.

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