Cohiba is a premium brand of Cuban cigars. Cohiba cigars were first established in 1966 for Fidel Castro. Originally these cigars were only available as gifts for heads of states and visiting diplomats.

For a long period of time, Cohiba cigars were available in limited quantities and not on the open market.

The name of Cohiba cigars comes from an ancient word Tiano (the twisted bundles of tobacco leaves) originated from Indians who first met the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

The tobacco for Cohiba is grown on the best five plantations in the Vuelta Abajo region. The leaves for filler are exposed for special selection. The leaves for Cohiba cigar receives additional fermentation in barrels to offset the tar and harmful impurities. This treatment ensures the highest quality of cigars can be produced. Cohiba cigars are rolled by cigar rollers of the highest category in the local El Laguito factory. Compared to many the Cohiba cigars have a mild taste and rich aroma.

Cohiba cigars

This Cohiba is related to the Cuban product in name only, containing no Cuban tobacco, and thus is the only “Cohiba” that can be sold legally in the United States.

Today the Cohiba cigars are produced in limited quantities and are not to be confused with the Dominican Cohiba or even replicated fake cigars.

The price of a Cohiba cigar: starts from $ 150.

The Best types of Cohiba cigars;

Cohiba Siglo I

Cohiba Siglo VI

The Cohiba Siglo I: is known for its pungent aroma and has a bitter taste with a touch of wood tones and holds its shape after lighting. Most often smoked during the evening, after dinner.

Cohiba Siglo II

Cohiba Siglo II

The Cohiba Siglo II burns evenly but quite quickly allowing inhaling easier. The Cohiba Siglo II has a slightly bitter sour taste and this cigar is often taken after dinning parties with dry fortified wine.

The Cohiba Siglo III

Cohiba Siglo III

The Cohiba Siglo III has a smooth structure and a nice color and has a caramel essence. The Cohiba Siglo III is from a firm tree and not a rich chocolate. The taste is quite mild tasting and is known to be an excellent cigar!

The Cohiba Siglo IV

Cohiba Siglo IV

The Cohiba Siglo IV is the classic Cohiba, aristocratic cigar. Cohiba Siglo IV has a shiny, oily cover and sweet creamy rich aroma. The taste is rich and has basic shades of: nutty, creamy, woody in appearance. The end of the cigar gives an appearance of cheese. A spin is very dense, but very easy to inhale. There is no resinous and is known for its long burning.

The Cohiba Siglo VI

Cohiba Siglo VI

Cohiba Siglo VI has a strong spicy taste with hints of pepper, dried pears and mint. The Cohiba Siglo VI perfectly blends and is often complemented with rum and whiskey.

The Cohiba Esplendidos

Cohiba Esplendidos

The Cohiba Esplendidos has a maritime flavor, and has a sour and salty taste with a woody bitterness. This is a cigar smoked only by gentlemen.

The Cohiba Robustos

Cohiba Robustos

The Cohiba Robustos is a light-brown cigar with a smooth cover. It has a grassy aroma and is nutty in flavor. The Cohiba Robustos has salty taste with the growing bitterness of coffee. The third part of this cigar reveals its powerful flavor and aroma and is associated with brandy.

The Cohiba Piramidеs

Cohiba Piramidеs

Cohiba Piramides is limiting production of cigars. The cigar burns slowly and evenly, has a delicate aroma of spices and pepper and hints of chocolate. Cohiba Piramides has a caramel-cream flavor, as well as woody taste. Cohiba Piramides is a great gift and a true delight for lovers of Cuban cigars. It is one of the best cigars Cohiba.

Cohiba cigars Special Collections

Cohiba Siglo Vi Gran Reserva

Cohiba cigars

It is the first in the history of Habanos Gran Reserva, produced from the finest Cuban tobacco leaves from San Juan Martinez and San Luis, collected in 2003 and carefully aged for five years. The diameter is 52mm, and the length is 150mm. There are 15 pieces in a set and 5000 Cohiba Siglo Vi Gran Reserva sets.

Сигары Cohiba

2008 Habanos Collection

Cohiba cigars

Containing 20 Cohiba cigars. The diameter is 54 mm and the length is 184 mm. These Cigars are stored in a box and has an exquisite aroma. In total there are 1000 sets currently produced.

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