Michel Richart is a well-known manufacturer of luxury chocolates. In creation a Richart chocolate uses a unique Criollo cocoa beans from Venezuela. Criollo cocoa beans are considered the best cocoa in the world, which is incredibly difficult to obtain. Creole cocoa beans are the most fragrant and rare variety of cacao, only 5% of world cocoa production.

But Richart chocolate is not only the best cocoa, but also a delicious combination of exotic ingredients such as almonds, raspberries, and secret spices.

Today Richart products choose gourmets around the world. The most popular is a set of Petits Richart, consisting of 168 chocolate candies in different flavors and nuances in special designed package, which has 7 sections for boxes of chocolates with built-in temperature and humidity sensors.

Petits Richart

Flavors of Petits Richart are soothing chocolate with cream filling, almond praline, hazelnut praline, Coffee Ganache, caramel sauce, fruit flavors: fresh apricot, strawberry, chestnut, plum, pineapple, mango and passion fruit in the cream, as well as with Kumquat Sauce zest of orange and grapefruit chocolate cream. Сhocolate cream with the scent of roses, ylang-ylang and lavender complete the rage of flavour.

Petits Richart

Petits Richart can satisfy the most exacting taste. Undoubtedly set Petits Richart – a wonderful gift!

Price of the Petits Richart set chocolate: $ 825.

It is worth to pay attention to another exclusive set – Rouges En Fetes (limited edition). The collection is positioned as a celebration of the Red.

Richart Rouges En Fetes

The cost of chocolate sets is  $ 33 – 197.

Richart produces chocolate in small batches, following the principle that mass production affects the quality of products.

Average price of Richart chocolate is $ 120 for pound.

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