Penny Preville is one of the most iconic and talented representatives of the American jewelry market.

Penny Preville belongs to a family of creative women. Her mother was a designer, painter and sculptor. Her maternal grandmother painted Chinese porcelain and other treasures collected. It was from Grandma’s collection began to love Penny Preville jewelry.

She began to make their jewelry during a visit to art school. Penny Preville work really like her friends, and one summer, she sold a collection of silver and turquoise products from a small red van on Fair Island. Then came orders from Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale.

So Penny Preville has become a passion in her life. Today, her husband and two sons together to deal with her business. She is responsible for designing, and they are connected with the production and marketing.

Penny Preville work was recognized by awards. Her design ideas included in the World Gold Council, book world trends to work with gold .

 Penny Preville

Penny Preville strives to create jewelry that will make their owner look fabulous. Much attention is paid to the needs of their designer clients, however, does not lose its own style.

Penny Preville talent to understand and feel feminine mood and desire to make its brand coveted collectibles for many women. Penny Preville jewelry no time were spotted on the red carpet, television, film and personal life, the kind of worshipers the talent of the designer as Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Onassis and others.

By combining ancient techniques and modern technology Penny Preville managed to achieve a balance between elegance, innovation and durability. Penny Preville jewelry made of eighteen carat white, yellow and pink gold and platinum with diamonds and other precious stones, including such items as fixing a stone to the rim with feet (millegrain) and hand engraving.

Penny Preville collection is available in jewelry stores around the world.

The new collection of Penny Preville bracelets

Penny Preville Lotus Blossom

Penny Preville bracelet 18-karat yellow gold beaded diamond weighing 0.36 carats with a clasp.

Penny Preville Lace

Penny Preville bracelet from the collection of Lace.

Penny Preville Leaf

Bracelet from Penny Preville Leaf collection.

Penny Preville  с чёрными бриллиантами

Penny Preville bracelet with black diamonds.

Other collections of Penny Preville bracelets

Penny Preville

Classic Penny Preville bracelet made ​​of 18 carat white gold. Line bracelet adorned with round and square diamonds 1.30 carats.

Engraved bracelet Penny Preville

Another classic bracelet with an engraving of the 18 white diamonds 0.88 carats and clasp.

Penny Preville bracelet - Garland Design

Hinged Penny Preville bracelet of 18 carat white gold with a pattern Garland and diamonds 1.2 carats.

Cuff bracelet Penny Preville Garland Design

Penny Preville cuff bracelet of 18 carat white gold and diamonds 2.07 carats of pave the elements – set close to each other with stones.

Penny Preville Cuff bracelet

Penny Preville cuff bracelet of 18 karat white gold with diamonds 3.33 carats.

Penny Preville Cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelet from Penny Preville pattern of flowers and a helix of 18 carat white gold and diamonds, 6.71 carats.

Penny Preville bracelet

Penny Preville bracelet with a pattern of flowers and lace from 18 carat white gold and diamonds, 3.36 carats.

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