Glasses Salvatore Ferragamo – accessory that emphasizes the high social status of its owner. The latest collection – these are images that have already become classics.

Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo has long existed only as a manufacturer of luxurious and elegant shoes. Factory for its production was established in 1928 by a master of making shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo. On account of the brand set of bold experiments and revolutionary inventions, and the results amaze even the Hollywood stars who often choose products of this brand.

Since 1998, Salvatore Ferragamo enter into a contract with the famous Italian company Luxottica to jointly release points. From this moment the whole world fashionista had the opportunity to decorate your wardrobe with gorgeous luxury accessories.

Production points – this is a complex and responsible business, which is why the brand Salvatore Ferragamo not focus their attention only on the design points, and joined forces to create a fashion accessory with the largest Italian manufacturer. Experience in the development of ergonomic Luxottica frames and safe from the point of view of medicine lenses became the foundation upon which the designers of the brand Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses pose as functional works of art.


Collections Salvatore Ferragamo glasses meet all safety requirements for the eyes and also embody the core values ​​of the brand: uniqueness, style and beauty. Work on each model is carried out with great care, with elaboration and testing of every detail, from the temples to the lenses. Designers strive to create products with their own unique form and original jewelry.

For the new collection points Salvatore Ferragamo characteristic attraction to large forms, wide color palette, exquisite decorative elements. It includes an elegant model, the style of which is created due to the organic combination of retro motifs and current trends. Glasses Salvatore Ferragamo – an accessory that does not allow a woman to go unnoticed due to the extravagance of light and brightness. Product brand is designed for ladies who think through your image, follow the bandwagon and eager to show their status and taste.

Almost the entire collection points Salvatore Ferragamo flawless. Therefore, we highlight the most notable model in a particular color.


The model presented in three colors: ivory, light and dark tortoiseshell and original shape rim. Round frame glasses has cut the outer edge, which creates an unusual appearance and complicates form. Socket and bow combine metal golden color and a high quality plastic in the color of natural materials. On the handle of the lens and bear the trade mark of the author signature Salvatore Ferragamo. The lens has a gradient of coloration and high UVA / UVB protection. Glasses look very elegant, clean lines and captivates reasonableness details. 


Model in retro style attracts elongated outer rim upper corners, creating a form of “cat’s eye”. Points have unusual coloring – a gradient of staining not only the lens, but the glass itself. Offers three colors – dark blue, brown and burgundy. Bow nicely curved, which creates comfort in wearing and elegant look. 


Two-color square with rounded corners frame data points defines a bold and bright image. Elegant stripes and bows bright colors give this dynamic enhancement. Spectacle lenses have a gradient coloring, made ​​of scratch-resistant glass with a high degree of eye protection. 


Unusual coloring gives the classic framed “cat’s eye” originality: the external angle plotted bands of two colors in the same tones and filled the bow. This model looks very feminine, refers to the 50 th year, to the heyday of Hollywood glamor. In these glasses acquire any girl chic look cinema diva. 


Very beautiful and elegant glasses will not go unnoticed because of the large frame of the classical form of a square with rounded corners and chic design shackle made ​​of gold metal mount in the form of a circle, decorated with rhinestones. Models of luxury and extravagance, is intended for self-confident women. 


Incredibly beautiful glasses in classic black frame, which is decorated with 253 hand-golden drops of different sizes. The lens is made ​​of high polycarbonate has high UV-protection and gradient coloring. These points, thanks, chic decor and classical form, fit any girl, giving it a luxurious and elegant look.

Points famous Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo – a long-term contribution to the style of the women, because their design does not go out of fashion for many years, thanks to the classical forms. Retro motives remain in fashion for over 10 years and do not lose their relevance, so this collection is certainly aspires to become the most beloved and popular.

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