Traditionally, the agent of Provocateur is a person employed by the police or another similar organization to induce another person desires to commit illegal acts or unlawful nature of seduction in order to discredit them.

Provocateur can be a police officer or a police undercover agent that enters the environment of suspected person and creates a suspect excuse for committing indecent acts. Such operations can be conducted, for example, to collect compromising material on political opponents, as well as international intelligence activities and are, thus, a powerful political tool. This role is suited perfectly to a female. Under the influence of an attractive seductress charms her victim loses his head, forgetting about security and falls into the trap. A powerful weapon of Provocateurs is not only a perfect curvature of the female body, but also the perfect packing and perfectly matched lingerie that the agent of Provocateur provides.

The creators of the brand are now ex-husband and wife, Joseph Corr and Serena Fig. These people have been historically associated with the fashion industry for many years: Joseph Corr who is the son of a former manager of the «Sex Pistols» Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, the famous British designer and founder of the style of punk fashion. Therefore, Joe was genetically inherent in his way of thinking and denial of the prevailing attitudes. When Joe met with Serena, she worked at a modeling agency in Chelsea, an up and coming trendy region of London and creative in tandem which could not remain sterile for long.

There was one occasion that Serena was in the gym and noticed how many women wear their gray dull and unattractive lingerie. Even in the big city things were uniformity and predictable. This gave both Joseph and Serena an idea to open a shop of luxury items from around the world.

Since then the business has flourished and the pair began to bring interesting specimens from all corners of the globe, with the emphasis on vintage models. Amongst the stock of the glamour underwear are designs most worn in the mid 19th century which had been stored during the times of the 2nd World War. As many shops were bombed or closed, much of this stock was bought up during this era. Inspired by the lacy cotton underwear and recently produced a sensation Lycra and spandex, which are used in today’s modern design. Serena and Joe began to create clothes for the everyday woman. First of all they copied the vintage model design using the old fashioned materials and colors then Serena and Joe took the invention to create clothes, which are now affordable to women of all classes of society.

The first store under the brand «Agent Provocateur» was opened in December 1994. In Soho, central London and made a fortune in England. The United Kingdom is quite conservative from a moral sense of the word and for the first time it appeared it was fair to say that most women were quite put out by offering such items. However over a period of time, fashions changed and girls wanted to feel more feminine about themselves, especially in the design wear of lingerie and today’s liberated female is very much a front runner in luxury and sexuality of the British fashion industry.

In 2007 Joseph Corry and Serena Rice were awarded the Medal of the Order of the Members of the British Empire for services to the fashion industry. The designers were flattered by the recognition of such a high level. But Joseph refused the award and said the condescending view at the time of Prime Minister Tony Blair, was accusing him of immorality. Besides this he added that the entire team «Agent Provocateur» should be proud that they have achieved so much with good results and that the point Joseph made was that they do not need any accreditation to prove it. He ended the statement with the words ‘Knickers Forever!’. Serena retained the right to accept the award.

After the divorce of Joseph and Serena «Agent Provocateur» was bought by private equity house known as 3i for 60 million pounds sterling. The development of the brand had no effect and Agent Provocateur has continued to produce luxury erotic lingerie until today, while maintaining the spirit of liberation and elitism for women.

Many celebrities have chosen Agent Provocateur lingerie as their favourite underwear, including Victoria Beckham, Parris Hilton and Carmen Electra. Over the past years, advertising companies have been involved using well known stars such as Kylie Minogue, Dita Von Teese, Kate Moss, and Lily Allen. One such high-profile commercial was called roller which starred Kylie Minogue, where she rides a wild bucking bronco horse in alluring and very sensual sexy lingerie and stockings. At the time of release, the advertising was permitted to be shown only in cinemas but can be found on web sites such as You Tube and voted as one of the raunchiest female advertisings ever made and demonstrates the power of Internet marketing.

Promotional video from Agent Provocateur with Kylie Minogue

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All promotional videos of Agent Provocateur lingerie designed in one style and skillfully balance between the hot sensuality and mild, teasing erotic nature for which it is intended. Another scene from the last campaign with the intriguing title “Watching Josephine” is confirmation that this type of advertising brings in sales. It is considered a brilliant concept which is simple in its plan. It gives the viewer the opportunity to follow the seductive attractive girl walking across the apartment in her luxury lingerie.

Promotional video Agent Provocateur “Watching Josephine”

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Agent Provocateur is often mentioned in contemporary literature and film, as a distinctive sign of luxury and seduction. In the book Adrian Mole “Years of cappuccino,” the first love of the author, acknowledged in an interview in the brand commitment. Agent Provocateur featured in “Bridget Jones Diary”, as well as in the movie “Burlesque” in the stage performance of Christina Aguilera with the number «I’m a good girl».

Lingerie Collection Agent Provocateur

Spring-Summer 2011

As expected, a bold collection from Agent Provocateur is a fantastic variety of sensory images. The models are made from the finest flimsiest materials with bows, ruffles, ruff, fringes and the grid as a decoration. The luxury details of each of the kits are designed to provide convenience, comfort, and the feelings of sexuality, to make the female body presented like a queen or princess.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie  «Laurie»

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Agent Provocateur Lingerie «Laurie» is the most memorable collections from Spring-Summer 2011, thanks to a vintage 50’s sexuality. The clothing is made of silk chiffon color super buttermilk and silk satin with lots of colorful dots.
Price: $ 170.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie «Mariana Waspie»

[nggallery id=71]

This remarkably deep image includes a corset in sumptuous stunning black wide belt with cotton lining and elegant white bows. The model places emphasis on the waist and smooth silhouette.
Price: $ 290.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie «Delilah Waspie»

[nggallery id=73]

The sufficiently provocative image is a corset and has silk satin straps. It is constricted at the waist and creates a visual effect of the centre. The bra has a traditional form of the lingerie for Agent Provocateur and designed in a quarter cup. Rounding out the image of the black pads is a classic accessory for the modern boudoir.
Price: $ 250.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie «Uschi Playsuit»

[nggallery id=74]

This is perhaps the most extravagant and playful image of all the collection. The material is made of soft stretch straps of taffeta, and provides a tantalizing brush-fringe in color scheme black and red gradient. In motion image looks the most shocking but at the same time erotically stunning.

Price: $ 390.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie «Ella Suspender»

[nggallery id=75]

A classic and very gentle way with embroidery on transparent decor elements. The sensual lace trim adorns the hips, waist and garters. The main material is silk ivory. Rounding of the image to match the bows and charming golden hearts.
Price: $ 150.

Agent Provocateur Lingerie «Ingrid Slip»

[nggallery id=76]

This elegant black combination is reminiscent of a dress in the style of 20s. It is made of silk chiffon and delicate French trimmed with black lace Italian. Thin straps and little bows complete this luxury look.
Price: $ 990

Agent Provocateur Lingerie «Barbetta Kimono»

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This Silk Kim long gown to the floor is luxury expressed in all its manifestations. The long draped sleeves and gradient colors make a dramatic statement of confidence, but incredibly stylish.
Price: $ 2590.

Agent Provocateur lingerie is a luxury product that can bring a sparkle and self esteem for any woman and for any scenario day or night plus each new collection allows you to find a new role, whatever the mood: the bold, shy, gentle, strong, and impudent. The list could be endless, but always desired and sexual.

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