Collection Valentino Spring-Summer 2013 convinces with its lightness and elegance. There is nothing superfluous, every detail is thought out and executed with impeccable precision. The spring collection of truly inspiring.

It has everything: the serene white images of flowers and woven machined geometric silhouettes;





braided lace elements in the style of folk and again magnificent overalls.





Especially successful out overalls Valentino collection Spring-Summer 2013, and therefore would like to mention several: elegant and seductive jumpsuit in black with transparent top and a free democratic blue overalls.





Delicate summer dresses for day and evening.





Designers house Valentino showed real talent in dealing with complex multi-layered patterns. Blue dress with a carved pattern forming fine lines, perfectly emphasizes silhouette. Special dress brown shade, which is formed through the use of multiple layers of patterns of different colors: pink and marsh. Excellent and challenging work!





It did not go as usual and without the classic “Red Valentino.” Incredibly gorgeous dress is able to leave a mark in the hearts of everyone who Deserve to watch it. A great black dress, the reverse side of the red, less fatal, but more mysterious.





A huge number of models available in the spring-summer 2013 are noteworthy. Everyone wants to focus on the special attention. Poshex said only those that especially luxurious and inimitable, though noteworthy, virtually every model. The collection was truly successful, it is difficult to imagine that someone would be able to really compete with such an excellent job.

Valentino – as always, amazing, infinitely elegant, chic! Going to a party svetstky reception or any other momentous event, not worth the long tormented choice of dress – choose Valentino and you will not regret it.

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