Birkin handbags is the most popular handbags in history. Creations of French design house Hermes have the longest waiting lists. All this thanks to a classic beauty, quality and design, unresponsive fashion trends.

In Hermes there is a tradition to give a names to accessories of famous women who wear them or inspire to create. So president of Hermes was inspired by the actress Jane Birkin to create the legendary handbag. Later, the actress confessed that the bag, which bears her name more famous than she is.

Birkin handbag has become an amazing accessory that engulfed the world of fashion. In 2004, Birkin bag with a clasp and a lock encrusted with diamonds was sold at auction for $ 64,800. The handbag has the waiting list years long and the price ranges from $ 6000. Vintage Birkin Handbags transmitted within families from generation to generation like a relic.

Recognition and love of Birkin bags deserve thanks first and foremost an excellent quality. The bases that served as a centuries-old practice experience with the skin Hermes House. 170 years ago, the company engaged in the production of horse saddles and related paraphernalia. So the tradition of fine handmade and are reflected in the production of bags.

In the course of Birkin bags, hand-made using cowhide leather, lizard, goat, ostrich and crocodile. Proprietary material treatment makes the skin soft to the touch and a good-looking.

Birkin design with strong hands and tiny feet that protect the bag from dirt and wipes, combined with quality materials allows the bag to look great for decades.

Lining is made of goat skin and has the color of the bag. Locks and zippers are made of palladium or gold. By request of the bag can be decorated with diamonds, as well as choose the color of the bag.

Birkin has a simple, classic design. There are no superfluous details. The essence of the bags Birkin are the simplicity and elegance, as well as durability and reliability.

Approach the production of Hermes, in which the bag is treated as a jewelry, is also an important component of success Bags Birkin. Birkin bag comes in a box with dusts covers for the bag, locks and keys. Each piece is stamped by Hermes – «H».

Birkin designs have evolved with tiny steps over time, and the bags are never changed.

To purchase Birkin handbag, please contact Hermes.

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