Louis Vuitton travel bags is the best bags ever created. The French company for more than 150 years creates high-quality and fashionable travel accessories.

Louis Vuitton travel bags features exceptional functionality and superb design. Bags is produced under the label Louis Vuitton are truly practical and easy to use, that is provided through the use of natural light materials such as leather and fabric.

Louis Vuitton managed to create a unique and recognizable design. All stripes and monograms on handbags Louis Vuitton applied manually, thereby giving exclusivity to each product. Louis Vuitton has a service that allows you to make an order for printing personalized logo or initials on travel bags. In addition to manual artistic representation monograms, you can order stamps, badges for bags.

Louis Vuitton travel bags - personal stamp

Monogram Canvas is the most successful and stylish line of travel bags Louis Vuitton. The first type of bags, belonging to the collection Monogram Canvas, is a classic suitcase on wheels with retractable handle, this type of bag is called Pegase.

Pull-out handles of Louis Vuitton Pegase fixed in two positions. Pegase is made in 4 sizes. Feature of Louis Vuitton travel bags is a silent wheels. All bags Pegase series  closes with a zipper and lock. Bags made of leather and fabric.    Louis Vuitton travel bag - Pegase 65

Keepall, the second series of Louis Vuitton handbags, also hunted in popularity as a stylish accessory road. Keepall Bags are available in four sizes with a belt and without. Bags made of leather and fabric, closed with a zipper lock and key.Louis Vuitton travel bag - Keepall 60

Louis Vuitton produces large amounts of luggage that can satisfy any taste and functional needs.

Louis Vuitton travel bags

For those who likes classic Lous Vuitton created a line of travel luggage Alzer, Bisten and Cotteville.

Louis Vuitton Alzer 65

In addition to serial models, Lous Vuitton releases and special editions to mark the special occasion, as well as exclusive collectible models.

The company can create a Louis Vuitton bag exclusively on the individual order, given all the necessary needs of the customer.

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