The first portable device with a 9.7 inch touch screen designed by Apple. Intended for reading books and multimedia playback. Steve Jobs called the new product, the main work of his life. So what’s so special about iPad, for whom it is and what the new tablet stands out are from large number of competitors. Let’s see.


iPad is like a huge iPhone. iPad has a glossy widescreen display with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixel. As the screen is no reason to doubt, all colors are bright and saturated. iPad Weight in model without 3G is 680 grams, in 3G is 730 grams. For comparison iPhone weighs is 135 grams. The main differences from the iPhone is that iPad cannot call. In general, all are essentially the same, the same set of applications (mail, calendar, notes, youtube, iPod, photos, contacts), but it is much larger, and therefore it is more handy!

Web-surfing is perfect! Maps is excellent! Big-screen keyboard has a sufficiently high rate of input, which provides a comfortable typing.


It is worth to remember that iPad tablet is claimed to its main function – reading books. Certainly, reading books with iPad is a pleasure. However, today there is a problem in the use of different formats of online books. Apple, seeking to address this lack, decided to open a service iBook. Like iTunes, online service iBook can buy a book.


At one time, Apple has played a significant role in the fight against piracy of audio, creating a convenient integrated into their products service –  iTunes. Apparently, in the case of the iPad, and built-in service iBook company wants to conquer the future market online publications. The fact is that the print media loses their positions in comparison with the electronic media. In the future, inevitable transition offline publications on the Internet. Not far away the day when users will buy online versions of newspapers (as an annual or monthly subscription, for example), and then the devices, which will provide quick access and ease of reading online publications, will be in demand. iPad is this device.


More than 10 hours with active Web surfing, reading books and watching videos. Exciting design of reading book program and manipulating merely a touch of fingers, is it a necessary properties for reading with comparatively smaller weight and size in contrast with laptop (iPad weigh twice lighter then of the slimmest MacAir laptop) and other tablets, which have a software functionality that inferior Apple.


Future is the for Touch-screen. This was confirmed by the stunning success of the iPhone, iPad is the next …

P.S. With iPad released a special carrying case that protects tablet from scratches and allows to place iPad in different situation.


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