Leica is the German company, a leader among manufacturers of optical technology. Leica has accomplished evolution in the world of photography.

Start a successful history of Leica was laid in the time when a first tabloid camera with 35-mm film was made. The idea of using a cinematographic film with 24 x 36mm size of the image became revolutionary in 1913. At that time began a new stage in the development of art photography and photo coverage. The new camera had incredible compactness and ergonomics for that time.

The camera quickly gained popularity. Then, Leica has created a successful rangefinder cameras, Leica M3, which also served as an important step in the development of photography.

Throughout company activity, 100 years, Leica has created a truly masterpieces of cameras, following the principles of convenience and focus on extremely useful functions.

Leica products for true connoisseurs and “gourmets” of photography. Each Leica camera deserves special attention, as it is difficult to choose the best.

Leica Cameras

[tab:  Leica M]

Leica M

Everything is simple, but of genius. This thought comes to mind when you takes in the hands the Leica M camera. In this series of cameras are no digital functions, only the classical mechanical reliability. Spirit of fifty years of sustained development is shown in every detail. Cameras Leica M will thrill all lovers of photography, even those who are pampered by digital     technologies. With Leica M you feel how a picture is created.

Leica M rangefinder cameras are the fastest in the world, thanks to the minimum delay of the shutter. M cameras are easy and compact, which is achieved due to the absence of mirrors in the design.

Photo taken by Leica M differs from the other the highest contrast and sharpness, fine texture and excellent color rendition even in low light. Virtually impossible to get blurred images with Leica M.

An important advantage of the Leica M cameras is fully compatible components with one another: from the earliest models of 1954 to the latest camera Leica M9. All lenses range of M can be used with Leica digital cameras.

Camera’s body made of brass and high strength metal alloys, which allows to use the camera under different weather conditions. In truth, Leica is dependable and guaranteed to demonstrate reliable operation for several decades. Leica is the acquisition of a lifetime!

The model line of Leica M cameras are:


Leica M9
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Leica M9


Leica M9 is the smallest full-frame digital camera with interchangeable lenses in the world. Dimensions: 139 x 37 x 80 mm, weight: 585. Half a century of experience in the development of the legendary Leica M rangefinder system is connected to the Leica M9 with advanced digital technology. Any M lens with a focal length of 16 – 135 mm will have on the Leica M9 same angle of view, as in film cameras of this system. Camera is available in two versions: with a traditional black hull and hull steel-gray, trimmed with leather.

Cost of Leica M9 is $ 7,000

Leica M8


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Leica M8 & M8.2


Leica M8.2 is an enhanced version of the first professional rangefinder camera – Leica M8. Camera has become quieter, more accurate and reliable. Leica M8.2 is the first professional digital camera, in which ultra-strong, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is used to protect the monitor. 1 / 4000 sec. is the shortest shutter speed. Fully charge of the battery enough for shooting more than 500 frames.

Cost of Leica M8 is $ 4,800. Leica M8.2 is $ 5,900


Leica M7[nggallery id=61] Leica M7


In addition to the method of manual settings for exposure, Leica M7 Aperture Priority mode provides a continuously variable shutter speed, and working out of fixing shooting parameters via the shutter release. This allows you to focus and build  composition. Electronics of Leica M7 automatically locks the shutter when the camera is turned off. Exposure interval is 1 / 1000.

Cost of Leica M7 is from $ 5,700

Leica MP[nggallery id=62] Leica MP


Leica MP is handcrafted camera for professional photographers. Camera not has  automatic settings, all decisions remain with the photographer. Leica MP is a mechanical alternative to the Leica M7. All parts of camera controls are metal.

Cost of Leica MP is $ 5,400

The company provides a capability of custom-made creation of Leica M film camera, the service is Leica a-la carte. Ability to choose your cover’s color, texture of the skin, a frame in the viewfinder, controls, and application of personalized engraving.

Cost of special camera based on Leica M limits of $ 6,500.

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[tab: Leica S]

Leica S2

Leica S2

Leica S2 is digital SLR camera for the “super professional” use. This camera is ideal for use in the photographic industry, in particular, for advertising, architectural and design agencies, as well as, undoubtedly, will be the best camera for private use. S2 creates images of large size and high quality.

In creation of Leica S2 the company cooperated with professional photographers, taking into account suggestions and comments of the recognized masters of photography. We can say, that this approach has allowed to create truly magnificent camera.

Leica S2

Its closest competitors Leica S2 is superior in compactness, ergonomics and in productivity. Thanks to ultra-processor Maestro, developedspecifically for the Leica by Fujitsu, the camera almost twice as fast as analogues from other manufacturers.
The camera comes with a new sensor with the 30x45mm dimensions and 37,5 megapixels resolution. The camera has a three-inch screen with excellent viewing angles – 160 degrees. The range of ISO is from 80 to 1250. Frame rate is six frames per second. Weight is 1410 grams with battery.

Optics S2 incorporates a wide-angle lenses and telephoto lenses. For Leica S2 produced special lenses (lenses on other cameras to S2 will not work):
• LEICA SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/35 mm ASPH. (CS)
• LEICA SUMMARIT-S 1:2,5/70 mm ASPH. (CS)
• LEICA APO ELMAR-S 1:3,5/180 mm (CS)

Объективы Leica S2

All lenses use proprietary technology to Leica, the central gate allows to synchronize the camera with flash at speeds up to 1 / 500 sec.

Leica S2 perfect fit in hands, and makes no extra guidance during the shooting. There are nothing superfluous in this camera, no accumulations of functional buttons on the camera body, It is only the most necessary. Leica S2 is excellent example of first-class ergonomics.

Leica S2

Photos made by Leica do not require additional correction. The camera produces a 100% good photographs of the highest clarity.

Buying Leica S2, you not only get superb technology, that is based on the age-old design, but also the exceptional service that includes firmware upgrades, and providing a new camera to replace in case of technical problems (it is available only for version Leica S2 -P. Leica S2 -P is S2 version with sapphire glass on the display and platinum warranty).

Cost of Leica S2 is $30,000.
Cost of Leica S2-P is $31,000.
Cost of lenses for Leica S2 is from $5,000 to $10,000.

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[tab: Leica R]

Leica R9

Leica R9

Leica R9 is handcrafted SLR camera designed for professional photography. It is perfect for shooting in poorly lit room.

To assess the composition, framing, focus and depth of field is used bright and high-contrast viewfinder. At the bottom of the viewfinder is backlit information display.

Leica R9

If you’re accustomed to use only autofocus of SLR cameras, then you will be pleased to use Leica R9 screen. Central guide surrounded by a ring of micro, it can easily determine if the object is in focus or not. The camera has a built-in exposure metering.

Leica R9

Leica R9 is easy to operate and has better ergonomics among SLR. Conveniently located in the hands, which provides a comfortable photographing, despite the massive aluminum body frame (790 g).

Cost of Leica R9 is $2,500.

Leica R9

Фотография, сделанная Leica R9

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[tab:Special Leica]

Leica exclusive and special editions

Leica has limited edition of Leica M handcrafted models, with a special engraving and a unique finishing material. This models are designed for professionals and amateurs.

Leica M8 White Edition


Leica M8 White Edition is digital camera, was released in 2009 in the amount of 275 instance. Leica case is trimmed with white Nappa leather. At the camera is engraved individual number. Features are similar to standard Leica M camera.

The camera is endowed with a compact and lightweight enough chrome-plated silver lens (180g.). The total weight of the camera is 591g.

Cost of M8 White Edition is $ 8,500

Leica M8.2 Safari

Leica M8.2 Сафари

Leica M8.2 Safari includes  olive-green camera, the silver anodised finished LEICA ELMARIT-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH.lens, leather waterproof Billingham bag and elegant portable Leica strap. Total production is 500 cameras.

The lens has a compact size and excellent properties (180g.).

Cost of Leica M8.2 Safari is $10,000

Leica M7 Edition Hermes

Leica M7 Edition Hermes

Leica M7 Edition Hermes has a finish Hermes leather. Total production is 200 film cameras Leica M7. The set includes Leicavit M, a mechanism for high-speed film rewind, and handmade leather straps.

Cost of Leica M7 Edition Hermes is $ 14,000

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