BeoCom 2 is a well-proven model of fixed phones from Bang & Olufsen. The original and user-friendly design does not lose its relevance over several years.

Bang & Olufsen designers created a phone with an aluminum body, which naturally sits in the hand, and his gentle curve follows the shape of a human face.

Feature that deserves special attention is a telephone book, which is created automatically as you type, and the call was made, it can contain up to 200 names and numbers. Every time the call ended, BeoCom 2 simply proposes to maintain the number of the person with whom you just talked. The phone also has a function determining rates; redial with access to the last 24 incoming and outgoing calls.

Magnificent smooth and organic forms of BeoCom 2 was achieved with the help of modern technology pressing – Hydroforming. The result is a phone with a strong and solid housing with no sharp edges and unnecessary unattractive joints. Aluminum has a special coating, which protects the aluminum from oxidation in air. The material properties used in the casing provides the ease and simplicity of operation. BeoCom 2 comes in a variety of colors: yellow, blue, red, black, gray, aluminum, white.

Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 2

A characteristic design feature of  BeoCom 2 is the location of buttons: 2 in a row.

Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 2

The phone has one type of bell, which was created specifically for Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 2 by musical composer, Kenneth Knudsen. Bang & Olufsen has set the task to create a call that would be heard from a variety of rooms, but not permanently. Ring for BeoCom 2 is based on the sound of falling… tube. But do not be afraid, the phone sounds really high quality, allowing you to pay attention to the current call, without irritating its persistence. To create an acoustic sound of the ring producer has developed a small speaker system. The sound goes through a special fine holes to not to damage the monolithic body.

In addition to the excellent ring BeCom 2 has a faithful reproduction of voice. Loudspeakers broadcast the slightest nuances of voice contact.

BeoCom 2 can be placed on a table or wall, and use as part of a cordless phone system, expandable to eight handsets BeoCom 2 or BeoCom 6000 with only one telephone socket. This approach allows you to add chargers and tubes as needed to your internal phone system, as well as to easily provide redirect external calls and free internal calls between handsets. All of the combined phones have a single electronic phone book.

Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 2 is a great phone with a simple and stylish design, compare favorably against the other, is able to perfectly fit into any interior, bringing its zest.

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