iPhone 4 is a next update of Apple phone. iPhone has undergone a restyling for the third time, the phone has become thinner, more productive and energy-efficient.

Apple firmly occupied the leading position among manufacturers of mobile phones, and the company is not intended to cede this leadership.

The iPhone 4 enlarge the size of the battery, so the phone can store a charge for 2 hours longer than iPhone 3Gs. You can watch videos on your phone within 10 hours. There is a special attention from Apple to the video features of iPhone. The new iPhone can play and record HD video. Make and share videos can be directly in the text of correspondence, just click the camera icon, and then send it to companion via MMS. Videos can also be sent by e-mail or publish to MobileMe Gallery or YouTube.

iPhone 4 video

The iPhone 4 has FaceTime video chat. Support video communications made through Wi-Fi. Because of the back of camera you can send image to interlocutor of what the camera is directed. Switching between video modes are pressing a button.

iPhone 4 FaceTime video chat

Now iPhone 4 has a 5-megapixel camera, to focus it is enough touch point on the image.

There are a flash and zoom.

iPhone 4 camera

A captured picture can send immediately by mail or via MMS.

iPhone 4 camera

The display has become even brighter, now it is four times more pixels than the previous version of iPhone 3Gs.

iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 screens

Apple screens have always been high quality, but the iPhone 4 touch screen has an unprecedented depth and clarity, outperforming all existing analogues. Screen of iPhone 4 better than we are able to see, so an inch has 326 points, while the human eye can perceive no more than 300 dots per inch. Text, images and videos on the iPhone 4 is more clearly and realistically than ever before on the display of electronic devices.

iPhone 4 screen

iPhone 4 screen is made of tempered glass of the same that is used for helicopters and high-speed trains.

iPhone 4 screen

The device is equipped with a processor A4, the same as that installed in the iPad. A powerful processor is required to support multitasking, which provides instant switching between multiple running applications without compromising performance. Multitasking allows you to interrupt the work with the annex, if necessary, switch to another program and then return to the previously launched application with the stored data. So applications that use GPS could continue to work in the background. GPS will not only be constantly updating your position, it will also be able to give voice guidance direction of motion, even if you’re listening to music (the volume of music decreases at the same time).

The iPhone 4 appeared the possibility of organizing the application icons with a folder. The process of creating folders is simple, just a few seconds to hold the application icon to select it and move it to another icon, with which you want to create a common space, a folder. Name of folder is created automatically according to categories of applications and, of course, you can rename the folder manually. Thus, we can organize applications on the iPhone by topics: games, travel, business, etc.

iPhone 4 folders

Время автономной работы аппарата — до 7 часов в режиме разговора в условиях 3G-сети и до 14 — в условиях 2G-сети.
Очевидно, что это не последняя версия телефона от Apple. Однако, в 2010 году iPhone 4 будет удерживать звание лучшего телефона.

iBooks, the program for reading books for iPhone 4, is free. A great application allows you to enjoy reading books with a large screen. You can turn over e-books as well as a real book. Bookmarks in iBooks can not only keep the place the end of reading, but also transmit information about bookmarks in sync with the iPad. iBooks use the format ePub, as well as recognize PDF.iPhone 4 iBooks

Obviously, this is not the latest version of the phone from Apple. However, in 2010 iPhone 4 will hold the title of the best mobile phone.

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