Can multi-channel home theater has a splendid sound, but it does not dominate the interior styling? Specialists from Bose believes that it can. Bose LifeStyle 48 – the flagship model in the line of home theater Bose. Decision is addressed to those who equally like esthete sound and design.

The set consists of five tiny Jewel Cube speakers unusual matrix structure with magnets of rare metals. Each of the satellites circle – a kind of dual-emitters tiny cubes that can be bred in different directions, thus achieving an even more voluminous sound stage, formed by both direct and reflected signals. The center channel also consists of two reproducing cells, but in this case they are rigidly connected with one another – to send them in different directions (as is the case with columns environment) will not work. Low-frequency “base” system provides a separate block Acousticmass.

Bose consciously sought to make block Acousticmass appearance some really quite special coloring. By the conception that an active subwoofer should be hidden from view behind the curtain, sofa, or any other element of interior. Realized bass driver in a proprietary technology of low-frequency “swing” of air masses can place the sub where it suits you, without losing sound quality. But the “head unit” (Media Center), by contrast, has a surprisingly beautiful design. Relatively small body hides a DVD / CD-player, built-in 40 GB hard drive (which can be rewritten songs from 350 CDs), AM / FM-Tuner, a group of various switching connectors.

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Another  feature of  Bose LifeStyle 48 is a technology for automatic adjustment of sound called ADAPTiQ. For this purpose there is a special microphone (made in the form of headphones), as well as The configuration disc with test signals. With sound debugging theater is like a fascinating interactive behavior – a pleasant female voice gives a clear and simple instructions. But this stockpile Bose surprises do not end. Built-in hard drive (40 GB) and intelligent system uMusic will help create a virtual music library, rewriting the memory contents of the hard drive of about 350 CDs. Moreover, in the original quality (no compression). Owner does not have to enter information on the disks, make thematic play-lists, etc. “Intelligent” device adapts itself to the tastes of the owner – uMusic gradually collects information about the preferred genres (you can vote for the track: likes / dislikes). Accordingly, an apparatus similar to DJ, offering to play next, not known beforehand, a track from the collection. More, that, uMusic able to take into account time of day and mood of the owner, as well as the ability to remember individual details about the taste preferences of nine people.

Regarding sound quality, it is really impressive, captivating, enchanting. Indeed, the system of  Bose LifeStyle 48 with a two-piece satellite speakers (each – the size of little more than two packs of cigarettes) creates its own unique concept of home theater. After all, every time when you think about detailed and powerful surround sound you image a large floor systems. It is quite full-bodied and “mature” sound tiny two-section satellites, even surprising, as this is possible.

Of course, enterprising audiophiles, relished the rare recording jazz ensembles on exotic tube amplifiers and sophisticated multiband acoustics will not find in typical Bose sound equipment hi-end «elusive warmth, transparency, and sensuality.” The refinement of sound Bose LifeStyle 48  is different. Thanks to technology Stereo Everywhere ® surround sound is realistic, because in addition to direct sound, we also hear the sound reflected from walls, ceiling and floor. Moreover, the stereo track is also reproduced volume.

How are things going with video playback? In general, very good – the picture is fully adequate quality recording on DVD-ROM content.

An original way Bose engineers have solved the question of switching the system from external AV-devices. The main body of the device has an exhaustive number of audio inputs, connectors are provided “composite video” and S-Video.

With the help of technology Boselink can voice up to 14 zones of listening. However, for this you will have to buy a separate stereo Bose, additional columns, as well as a large, versatile and very handy remote control that works on radio waves passing through walls.

Bose claimed the cost of proposed imposes certain obligations on product design, sound, functionality and level of prestige. Admittedly, that model of their work out with honor, having a number of unique features. Top trumps Bose LifeStyle 48 – “live”, a rich nuanced, driving-biting and in doing so realistic surround-sound, one of the most convenient and accurate automated systems pokanalnoy settings, original music HDD-repository and a luxury compact design.

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Bose Lifestyle 48 available in two colours: black and white.


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