Miele is a German company and the only one premium brand appliances for home, which represented on five continents. Since 1899 Miele was superior to competitors’ products in innovative and high quality component. The company’s motto: “Everything is better and better” ( “Immer besser”).

Striving for the highest quality is fundamental principle of the company. Strict testing,  using high-tech equipment, the introduction of new developments, all this allows products Miele retain its highest position in the ratings of household appliances.

Miele coffee machines is high quality, as well as any other production of the German manufacturer. In 2010 the company released a new and, perhaps, the best model – coffee machine Miele CVA 4066. Built-in stainless steel coffee machine has an automatic program for making cappuccino, latte, hot milk and milk foam. The system automatically prompts you to add fresh water, milk and coffee beans.

Miele Built-In Stainless Steel Coffee System - CVA 4066

Coffee can be embedded in a column width not less than 60 cm. Touch display provides convenient control. The program has a setting temperature and water hardness, and cup size settings from the classic cup of espresso for a great American cup.

Miele Built-In Stainless Steel Coffee System - CVA 4066

Miele coffee machine has a container for 500 grams of coffee beans. Integrated coffee grinder precisely and evenly grinds the grain and creates a rich, intense flavor. Opportunity to use the coffee machine not only for cooking fresh ground coffee, loading the ground coffee in a special reservoir, and creating beverages without caffeine makes this system very versatile. Built-in tank for milk has a unique function. Reservoir with double-walled stainless steel keeps milk cold for 12 hours without loss of quality. Thanks to the spacious capacity, a row without effort possible to prepare large number of cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and milk foam. Tank milk can be easily removed for filling or storage in the refrigerator. Automatic control of the filling level shows timely message on the display when it is necessary to replenish the milk. And the type of milk has no value. Whether it’s skim, soy, goat or lactose, the result is always excellent.

Body of the coffee machine is made of a specially treated stainless steel, significantly enhances resistance to fingerprints, scratches and stains. Among other things Miele coffee machine has the function of fault diagnosis and fits perfectly into any interior. The system comes with the devices for mounting.

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