Rum Legacy by Angostura

Rum Legacy by Angostura – jewel of the Caribbean.

Can there be anything more beautiful than the warm, gentle sun, caressing breeze of the Caribbean and the rustle of palm leaves? “Only rum” – a cynic would say, and a favorite of millions of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Of course, if this rum – «Legacy by Angostura» worth 25 000 dollars per bottle.

Martell cognac

Cognac Martell – a brand of the most famous and oldest brands in the world, the story of the creation of which is already nearly three years. The founder of the cognac house Martell is an Englishman, Jean Martel, who moved to the French town of Cognac, hence the brand name of the brandy, and osnovavashy the very first of the great cognac houses still in 1715.

Belon Oysters

Belon oysters

For the first time Belon oysters were mentioned in written sources as early as in the 4th century AD, when Ozonius the poet from Rome, gave a detailed description of these tender creatures – a product coastal waters of Brittany. Even at that time, the product was highly prized.


Cohiba is a premium brand of Cuban cigars. Cohiba cigars were first established in 1966 for Fidel Castro. Originally these cigars were only available as gifts for heads of states and visiting diplomats.


Michel Richart is a well-known manufacturer of luxury chocolates. In creation a Richart chocolate uses a unique Criollo cocoa beans from Venezuela. Criollo cocoa beans are considered the best cocoa in the world, which is incredibly difficult to obtain. Creole cocoa beans are the most fragrant and rare variety of cacao, only 5% of world cocoa production.

Moet & Chandon

For over 205 years, Moet & Chandon champagne is a constant companion of outstanding events all over the world. History of Moet & Chandon – is a history of family tradition, which for over 250 years of patiently and skillfully created the prestige and glory of the largest producer of sparkling wines.

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is a brand of Champagne produced by Moët & Chandon.

Dom Perignon was the first prestige cuvee, named in honor of Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon, who supposedly invented champagne method for the production of sparkling wines. Dom Perignon Prestige Cuvee is millesime champagne that produce from grapes of the vintage year specified on the bottle, and, as a rule, it is an outstanding year.