Benefit Cosmetics

Unique, bizarre, attractive and 100% lovely, Benefit Cosmetics – this is a shop with sweets for adults girls! Twin sister, Jane & Jean Ford, founded the company in 1976. Combining their knowledge of cosmetics with a business instinct, the sisters opened a small shop in San Francisco, offering a small number of cosmetic products.

Bell & Ross

Since the founding of the brand Bell & Ross specializes in hight-quality appliances that are able to maintain exceptional accuracy in the extremely difficult circumstances.

To offer professionals the most accurate time in the most clear form founders elected laconic lines, clean design, and completely undecked. Bell & Ross is a watch without frills and additives.

Bertolucci watches

Bertolucci watches is the union of Italian creativity and Swiss craftsmanship that combines aesthetics and functionality. Bertolucci is a small company, staffed by twenty craftsmasters. The company produces no more than 5000 watches in the year, that emphasizes the exclusivity of Bertolucci.


Rolex has been the pre-eminent symbol of perfomance and prestige for over a century. Аnd now Rolex continues to expand its long history of achievement and innovation. Rolex is the most popular brand of elite watches symbolizing absolute success and viability of its owner.