Elite safes Döttling

Elite safes Döttling is a symbol of exceptional reliability, impeccable quality and exclusive luxury – known worldwide.

The German company Döttling refers to the rare class of producers whose products while remaining highly functional, reaches such a level of perfection, which becomes a work of art.


Montblanc produces for 100 years, perhaps, the best pens in the world. Montblanc is a sign of success, elegance and good taste. Montblanc pens can be recognize by a white six-pointed star, located on the cap handle.


Montblanc has achieved fame through the creation of luxury writing instruments of the highest quality. In recent years the German company has expanded the range and included leather goods in the production. One of the most successful direсtions became Montblanc business bags, able to meet the highest requirements in design and quality.


Since 1874, Cartier is an integral part of the lives of successful people, a sign of belonging to the higher strata of society. Cartier, it is not just an exquisite accessories and jewelry from precious stones and metals, it is amazing creations that combine exceptional craftsmanship of jewelers.

Alfred Dunhill

The feel and balance of a dunhill writing instruments in your hand will bring a lifetime of writing pleasure. Alfred Dunhill created his first writing insrtuments in 1929. Since then dunhil has become synonymous with creating exquisite writing instruments.