LaCie USB flash drive is not peculiar to the use of precious materials in the finishing of the shell. LaCie USB is distinguished a stylish and ergonomic design.

LaCie Keys сollection of USB flash drives is one of the most durable and slim USB keys in market. LaCie USB provides data storage of up to 32 GB.

The USB 2.0 interface and compatibility with PC and Mac, as well as off on the move.LaCie CooKey USB флеш-накопитель

The original design of LaCie Keys, differs from all existing USB flash drives. LaCie USB can be attached to a keychain, so all the necessary data will be always at hand.

LaCie WhizKey USB флеш-накопители

Golden SIP connectors are waterproof and resistant to scratches. Protective edges on connectors designed to always embed LaCie USB properly. In addition, LaCie Keys are supplied with a two-year warranty and storage 4 GB of data in the network using the service Wuala, which makes it easy to backup, file storage and data transfer. Data transfer rate up to 30 MB / sec.LaCie iamaKey USB флеш-накопитель

Cost of LaCie USB flash drives are not great, but, unlike the usual luxury USB flash drivers, which are noted for expensiveness and not always convenient corpus, these accessories are, really, stylish and handy.

LaCie IamaKey GB


USB Flash Drive



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LaCie CooKey 16 GB


USB Flash Drive



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