Elite safes Döttling is a symbol of exceptional reliability, impeccable quality and exclusive luxury – known worldwide.

The German company Döttling refers to the rare class of producers whose products while remaining highly functional, reaches such a level of perfection, which becomes a work of art.

Safes, like locks, are always in demand. Especially those that can not open no one except the owner. After all, everyone has things that are not intended for the public eye, or too valuable and important to casually forget them on the table.

In the evening, the owner can open the safe and admire them. It can even show something true friend and then, slowly, slowly, like a safe deposit box may break from the awkward movements, close it.


“Creating money is an art – work – also an art, and good business – the best art” – said somehow founder ideology of “commercial pop art” Andy Warhol. Apparently, he was right, because the art of getting everything without exception.

Europeans say that time – money. But time and money – the creation of the human mind and human hands, although this proverb is so deeply embedded in our lives that we did not hesitate to play the game invented by man, and take them very seriously. Before finally turned into art production safes passed a long and bumpy ride.

Back in the Middle Ages, castles were not only the protection of property, but also the subject of creativity. At the same time, the mechanism of the castle continued to thicken. Master devised intricate projections keys and concerned citizens find new clever ways to save their own good.

Progress does not stand still and the first code, safe locks were invented in the XVII century. Since production began in Europe safe – durable fireproof filing cabinets and values.

The most expensive and reliable of them today are considered safe firm Döttling.

Perfection worthy of the gods

German manufactories safes Döttling was founded by Marcus Dёttlingom (Markus Döttling) in 1919.


It is worth noting that this year was for the Germans one of the most challenging and hectic. The First World War ended in a painful defeat of Germany, and the humiliating peace treaty signed in Versailles in 1919, confirmed the “shameful” status of the country. Germany was exhausted by the war, the monarchy – crushed, shaky Republic met the enormous economic and political difficulties.

It is striking that this terrible time, led many to lose faith in the future, inspired Marcus to create their own empire safe. This same empire today manages the great-grandson of Marcus Dёttlinga, which also call … Marcus Dёttling. He – a representative for the fourth generation of the family, which remains at the head of the business.


Starting from the very foundation, the company has remained true Döttling centuries-old traditions of blacksmithing yard, and every new product is serving to its owner through the wrought-iron gates manufactory put into place almost a century ago.

In the manufacturing company Döttling skill is precisely the skill, and in the manufacture of safes elite dominates manual labor. Just thanks to this approach, a modest family business has become a global brand, which has vast experience, impeccable reputation and unusual philosophy, which combines functionality with luxury, extravagance combined with a deep understanding of the essence of things, and the artistry is becoming synonymous with quality.


For almost one hundred years of existence, according to the most Dёttlinga Marcus, was not released two absolutely identical safes. Despite the fact that there are production line, each sample differs from the others by its design, decoration items and even internal device. Safes are created in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer, Marcus personally meets with each of them, attracting future owner to develop the concept of the future masterpiece.

Unsurprisingly, safes Döttling adorn the interiors of the most exclusive apartments Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to Rublevskoe highway in the capital of Russia.


The internal architecture of each safe Döttling created depending on the anticipated storage facilities and the required functionality. So, for the weapon – offered special pedestal for cigars – humidors are placed, and for hours – original avtozavodyaschie mechanisms. In the storage box can be, for example, a mini-bar or cozy table highlights some illumination.

For gilt decoration and furniture craftsmen used gold leaf 24 carat gold with a hint of color that the customer chooses. Gilding, difficult to manufacture, is realized only by hand, however, as well as wood or leather finishes.


Электронные замки в строжайшем секрете разрабатываются специалистами самой компании, а защитные композитные материалы с армированием создаются в сотрудничестве с лучшими научно-исследовательскими лабораториями мира.

Каждый сейф Döttling получает сертификационный документ, подтверждающий его охранные функции и гарантирующим уникальность.

Collection Döttling Modern Safes

The sophisticated style of modern

Döttling Bel-Air – individually developed a series of handcrafted luxury with security.


These elite safes – a symbiosis of luxurious absolute technical perfection and elegance of design. When individual choice of materials surfaces and interior, each piece becomes a personal and unique.

For example, the exclusive model for the collector of Azerbaijan was finished with unique growths of poplar wood and is covered with a glossy varnish and doors inlaid leather.

Inside the safe is seven drawers for storing documents or jewelry, extendable table, automatic winding mechanisms for ten hours and lighting system.

Döttling Bel-Air Magnus – gorgeous model, which is twice larger than its prototype.


Located inside the ten boxes of handmade cushions on which to put a collection of 210 hours. Also, is there a special and secret compartment that opens a hidden mechanism – Castle comes as alarm when attempting to crack, and a system with an additional silent alarm high degree of protection.

Döttling Chameleon – this safe, like its namesake, a chameleon adapts to the environment and the like are dissolved in it.


Innovative door-swing mechanism, disappearing inside the safe when it is opened, allows the use of Chameleon, even in very small spaces.

Döttling Pauline – small safe, finished calf leather and leather straps with nickel-plated buckles that hide the folding mechanism of the lid of the safe.


Inside are three large and three small drawers for documents and valuables, eight hours of self-winding watch mechanism and graceful closing table.

Döttling Narcissus – a new level of technical and aesthetic boundaries.

This fireproof safe height of 1.8 meters, 1 meter wide and very little depth – 30 inches, weighs 800 kg, and all his mirror surfaces are made of chrome-plated aluminum.

Elite safe is not perceived as a utilitarian store and looks three-dimensional artistic installation. Functional quality disclosed only after activation owner when shiny steel shell lined with aluminum, automatically nominated internal handmade cabinets containing boxes of documents and valuables and mechanisms of automatic winding watches.

The first copy of the exclusive safe belongs to the author of its design – the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld, arrogantly declared that he created this masterpiece without regard to the opinions and wishes of other people. “I did it for myself,” – says the master. Safe released a limited edition of 30 pieces.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Safe fee Narcissus: $ 336 000[/iconbox] 

Döttling GrandCircle – a godsend for the collector, Limited twenty specimens, a series of unique safes, cabinets for cigar lovers, expensive alcohol, gatherers and hours of music.



The main element of this product in the Art Nouveau style – mechanical pendulum clock, made by hand. Their mechanism after a plant has been working for months. Around the chronometer – compartments for jewelry, there is a mini-bar, a special box of cigars and mechanisms for automatic winding for 60 hours.

Safe equipped with the tiny speaker in the world with low frequencies. The speaker system is remotely controlled and hidden from view.

Masterpiece made ​​of precious varieties of cedar, each instance of the model, made by hand, has a personal number and the signature of the master.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Safe fee GrandCircle: € 200,000[/iconbox]

Döttling Liberty – Elite safes compatible pragmatism and luxury.


The “Freedom” a very large degree of protection that meets the highest standards. Covered outside finest calf leather, safe Liberty – uncompromising German quality.

Naturally, the color of the finish, as well as the number of lifting mechanisms and the number of boxes can be selected by the buyer.

Döttling Liberty Barcelona – anthem genius Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the most famous and influential architects of the twentieth century.


This safe recreates the legendary style of the furniture collection «Barselona», developed by the famous modernist in 1929. The design model is stylish combination of materials such as stainless steel and glossy elaborately dressed cow leather.

Inside are three drawers for documents or jewelry, and twelve hours automatic winding mechanisms.

Döttling Guardian – safe for travel, which provides protection for at least six watches, any jewelry, money and documents.


Mini-safe can be carried by the handle or on the shoulder strap.

[iconbox icon=”Price_Tags.png”]Price Safe Döttling Guardian ranges from € 13 000 to € 25 000[/iconbox]

The inner part of the Road “bag” is multifunctional and is located in a protective cylinder made of genuine leather. Safe is made of a number of high-tech materials, the hardness of his carbide parts – like a diamond, it is not poddeetsya drilling and withstand the blows inflicted by a sledgehammer.

Döttling Fortress – a model called “Fortress”, which marks a new era of security.


This safe is the most secure and luxurious in the world, its certified safety classes – from VdS / ru 3 to completely unique – VdS / ru 5. «Fortress” executed in design from the finest calf leather.

The interior includes storage boxes values, eight hours automatic winding mechanisms, working independently of each other, with individual humidor humidification system and dashboard with barometer and hygrometer.

In the upper part of the Fortress integrated two-door sentry safe Colosimo, can accommodate up to six hours.

Döttling Morphosis – safe for true connoisseurs of luxury objects, giving an excellent opportunity not only to save a collection of luxury watches and loved, but also to show them how to showcase.


Sleek and “smart” safe, created in partnership with Hublot, has no doors: it rotates inside, cleverly hiding the beautiful shop windows with the collection of watches and replacing them with a smooth steel surface. According to the customer panel with chic accessories decorate leather, carbon or rare precious wood. Managing high-tech safe implemented using iPad.

Collection Döttling Legends

Traditions of the past

A series of “Legends” – is unique and consists of vysokoeksklyuzivnyh antique safes, lovingly restored and infinite respect.

It may be safe Ly Dynasty of the early 20th century, safe from the security cabinet Kaiser Wilhelm mid-19th century, or the latest work commissioned by the Medici.

One of these samples is an antique safe “Buonaparte”, made ​​famous in the eighteenth century Italian masters of the time. His original was bought from an elderly Frenchwoman.


Amazing cabinet height of two meters and a width of more than a meter decorated artistic forging, safe inside trimmed precious woods. There are four boxes for valuables and a special panel that holds up to 24 hours with the mechanisms for their self-winding.

Now, as the masters say, the safe will last another 200 years, he was exposed to auction for $ 341 326.

Collection Döttling Tabletop Objects

When the size is not important

Conceptual solutions desktop safes company Döttling able to shake the imagination.

Döttling Colosimo – safe in miniature.


30-pound Colosimo, was named in honor of one of the heroes of gang wars USA – Jim Kolosimo – designed to store only one hour.

Its body is decorated with radiating brilliant bolts which form two circles.

The inspiration for creating Döttling Colosimo «The Spyke» was the work of the famous designer Christian Louboutin, the spikes are often used in models of women’s shoes. Fine cow leather, which is covered with a safe, studded with polished chrome studs. Another distinguishing feature – a red base safe – also borrowed from women’s shoe models Louboutin.


Döttling Colosimo «The Mies» – another tribute to the legendary Ludwig van der Rohe Misu. In the design of desktop safe used his favorite materials – leather and stainless steel.


Colosimo Double Wing – two-folding safe for six hours, echoing the design of the dashboard of his iconic automotive archetype – the model Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing, released in 1954.


A distinctive feature of the model – built-in clock, as if moved into the center of the safe with a sports car dashboard.

But money millionaire Scrooge McDuck vault of “DuckTales” – mega-protected model Colosimo PopArt refund in any rich man cheerful childhood, dreams of millions since childhood.


The design of one of the most extravagant luxury models of safes Döttling was established in London studio Year Zero.

Döttling Collector Rooms

Collector dream

Particularly noteworthy is one of the latest proposals of Döttling – Collector Rooms (rooms for collectors).

It is intended for architects and interior designers, and for the end user having a large private collection of watches, jewelery, weapons and documents.


Сегодня существует два варианта Collector Rooms. Один из них предполагает создание полностью изолированного помещения, оснащенного самой высокой степенью защиты. Другой — это обычная жилая комната, в которой могут быть установлены несколько сейфов Döttling.

В обоих случаях, проект включает в себя разработку концепции помещения, трехмерную визуализацию, замеры, изготовление необходимых предметов обстановки, доставку и установку.

Time does not matter, it is only important quality.

Virtuoso work, it seems, with all materials without exception.

This is the finest calf leather and zebra skin and feathers and even leather stingray. Thus all the work traditionally performed manually.

Time spent on the production of luxury safes have ceased to have meaning. And when the master passion in work connected with cherished and boldest dreams of the future owner, a masterpiece is born.

Name this masterpiece – luxury safes Döttling.

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