Since 1874, Cartier is an integral part of the lives of successful people, a sign of belonging to the higher strata of society. Cartier, it is not just an exquisite accessories and jewelry from precious stones and metals, it is amazing creations that combine exceptional craftsmanship of jewelers.

The role of the House of Catier goes far beyond its commercial activities: the company, largely shaped the face of epoch, is considered of the property of culture and history. Cartier extremely sensitive to the issues of social and environmental impacts of mining gold and diamonds, as well as to the facts of human rights violations. So Cartier customers can be confident that they have acquired the creation not only of perfect form.

ОLighters are one of the major lines of production companies. Cartier was the first who gave an oval shape to this accessory and created a technical innovation: a special valve, that cover mechanism of the lighter. Following their canons Cartier selected only precious materials – gold, silver and lacquer suffusion.

Almost all Cartier lighters are manufactured in Switzerland. Legendary oval lighters are presented in two sizes: 70 and 60 mm, there are rectangular Cartier lighters too.

It is worth mentioning gas models in pink gold:

Cartier lighter gold

Cartier lighters in crocodile leather with gold and palladium finish are interesting models too.

Cartier lighter

And the lighters with pattern with palladium finish and varnishing.

Cartier lighter

Average price of Cartier lighters is $ 1000. Cartier offers a free service and repairs of lighters within two years.

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