Maserati is an Italian manufacturer of racing cars and luxury sports cars. Maserati has played a significant role in the development of sports car.

Owners Maserati catches admiring glances. The cars provides the most wonderful driving experience.

Bell & Ross

Since the founding of the brand Bell & Ross specializes in hight-quality appliances that are able to maintain exceptional accuracy in the extremely difficult circumstances.

To offer professionals the most accurate time in the most clear form founders elected laconic lines, clean design, and completely undecked. Bell & Ross is a watch without frills and additives.

Bertolucci watches

Bertolucci watches is the union of Italian creativity and Swiss craftsmanship that combines aesthetics and functionality. Bertolucci is a small company, staffed by twenty craftsmasters. The company produces no more than 5000 watches in the year, that emphasizes the exclusivity of Bertolucci.

Burj Al Arab hotel

Sheikh Mohammed is the ruler of Dubai realized that for the development of tourism in Emirates it is necessary to create recognizable symbol.

For this purpose he has hired the British architect Tom Wright. The idea to build a hotel in the form of sails came to him accidentally. He sat at the bar and drank beer. Dhow, a traditional Arab sailing ship, swam past the windows. Tom exclaimed, “Eureka! Here is a simple and recognizable form, which can draw even a child!”

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is a brand of Champagne produced by Moët & Chandon.

Dom Perignon was the first prestige cuvee, named in honor of Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon, who supposedly invented champagne method for the production of sparkling wines. Dom Perignon Prestige Cuvee is millesime champagne that produce from grapes of the vintage year specified on the bottle, and, as a rule, it is an outstanding year.

Ferretti Yachts

The Ferretti Group is an Italian company and world leader in their designs, construction and sale of motor yachts, with a unique portfolio of the most exclusive, prestigious brands in the nautical world. Their range includes the Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line. Such a wide range means that the Ferretti Yachts can draw on the expertise derived from building everything from high-performance open boats to displacement yachts.

Alta Moda bedroom furniture

There are compositions and details of the AltaModa bedrooms collection, which will help everyone to make their choice in the design of the interior. Italian factory AltaModa pays attention to every detail and creates not just a a set of individual items, but charming and elegant collection, you can decorate any room, without using additional elements.