Since 1874, Cartier is an integral part of the lives of successful people, a sign of belonging to the higher strata of society. Cartier, it is not just an exquisite accessories and jewelry from precious stones and metals, it is amazing creations that combine exceptional craftsmanship of jewelers.


Michel Richart is a well-known manufacturer of luxury chocolates. In creation a Richart chocolate uses a unique Criollo cocoa beans from Venezuela. Criollo cocoa beans are considered the best cocoa in the world, which is incredibly difficult to obtain. Creole cocoa beans are the most fragrant and rare variety of cacao, only 5% of world cocoa production.

Apple iPad

The first portable device with a 9.7 inch touch screen designed by Apple. Intended for reading books and multimedia playback. Steve Jobs called the new product, the main work of his life. So what’s so special about iPad, for whom it is and what the new tablet stands out are from large number of competitors. Let’s see.

Alfred Dunhill

The feel and balance of a dunhill writing instruments in your hand will bring a lifetime of writing pleasure. Alfred Dunhill created his first writing insrtuments in 1929. Since then dunhil has become synonymous with creating exquisite writing instruments.