Caye Chapel Island

Caye Chapel Island was developed as a pure oasis. The island is located just 12 miles from the coast of Belize in the western Caribbean. The trip to the island is a 2 hour flight from the U.S. mainland or 10-minute flight from Belize City (BZE). The island attracts the golf lovers, and it is not surprising, since the island has a magnificent championship 18-hole golf course.


Cohiba is a premium brand of Cuban cigars. Cohiba cigars were first established in 1966 for Fidel Castro. Originally these cigars were only available as gifts for heads of states and visiting diplomats.


Maybach is a German manufacturer of luxury cars. Brand was named in after its founder, Wilhelm Maybach. Since its inception, the end of the XIX century, a company created an engines. During the Second World War, the company developed engines for tanks. After the war, the son of the founder, Karl Maybach, worked on the creation of aircraft engines.


Blancpain is a Swiss mechanical watches, the beginning of the history of which was laid in 1735. Blancpain is not just a combination of complex components, that inherent for mechanical clock, it is the embodiment of ideas and achievements of several generations of watchmakers.